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8-20-11 Charlottesville VA

Amy, Olivia and I went to Charlottesville VA over the weekend, as it was my last weekend of my summer vacation.  The original plan was for Amy and I to attend the Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds concert and come back early the next morning, but we couldn’t secure a babysitter, so Amy and Olivia stayed in the hotel while I went to the concert.  Amy insisted that I go, even though I told her I wanted to sell the tickets if she wasn’t going to be coming.

It was my 50th Dave Matthews show.  I have seen the band perform 48 times, and Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds play acoustically twice.

As soon as I arrived in Charlottesville something was missing.

My other half.

It sucks to attend a concert by yourself.

Amy and I had spent a weekend in Charlottesville about 10 months and 30 pounds ago (before I started religiously hitting the gym to bulk up rather than lose weight)

In fact, in the background is the very pavilion that I would be at today.

I arrived about an hour before the gates were to open and listened to the soundcheck and took a picture of a monument that everyone writes on in chalk.

As for the concert, I was on the lawn – at the very front.  It was the first time in 50 shows that I ever actually watched a concert from the lawn.  I usually like to be down close.  However, since this venue was so tiny, there weren’t a lot of tickets available.  (The couple in front of me in line paid $580 for two lawn tickets).

This was my view.

I had my Song Bloggie with me, which really underperformed and took a lot of crappy blurry pictures.  The best picture was taken on my old Iphone 3G:

As for the concert itself, I would rank it in the bottom 3rd of all of the shows I’ve seen in terms of setlist.  I was expecting some surprises, but there were none.  It doesn’t help that I attended one of the best Dave and Tim shows of all time at Appalachian State University in Boone NC on 3.29.03.

The highlight of the night was hearing a new song that I’d never heard before, called Sweet.  It was the 159th different song I’d seen Dave play live.  Here’s a video of that which I filmed:

I also filmed some of the song Crush, which was the first song that Amy and I ever danced to:

Anyhow, the next morning, all three of us went back to Charlottesville, stopping at the spot where Amy and I watched the sunrise back in November

so Olivia could see the Blue Ridge Mountains for the first time.

Once we got to downtown Charlottesville, the place was like a ghost town.

Most of the stores were closed since it was a Sunday, so there wasn’t a lot of activity.  We posed at the bar where Dave Matthews got his start and met the musicians that he’d ask to form a band which would become know as the Dave Matthews Band:

And ate at Five Guys restaurant at 11:45 AM (and were the only customers there the entire time):

Then we made our way to the pavilion where the concert took place last night.  It was eerily deserted:

So I made my way up on stage with Olivia.

We also stopped to make our marks at the monument:

And then made our way home.  Amy had a great idea to stop and get our picture taken at the state welcome signs, but we ended up only stopping at the West Virginia one because I was in a hurry to get home.

That concert will be my only one of the summer.  The last time I only attended one Dave concert in a year…  2000.


4-18-09 PNC Park

I could only attend batting practice at today’s game because I had Dave Matthews Band tickets for later tonight.

Since today’s game was to begin at 12:35, I feared that there would be no batting practice.  Usually on day games after night games, there is no batting practice.  However, when I was walking to the Center field gate, I could see this. 
I got to the gates at 9:45 AM, 15 minutes early, and was third in line.  There were two non-ballhawks in front of me, so I felt pretty confident about being the first person into batting practice and claiming any Easter eggs.

I was the first one to the early entrance point, but the season ticket scanner wasn’t there.  A few other security guards came and said we had to wait until the scanner showed up.  I showed them I had season tickets and I even flashed my season ticket card.  They said no one could enter until the scanner showed up.  In the mean time, there were three fans with visitor passes in the bleachers. 

Ryan Doumit crushed a homerun that landed in the bleachers.  All I could do is stand helplessly and watch one of the visitor fans walk over and pick it up.  One missed opportunity.  Doumit hit another ball that hit near the bullpen.  It bounced off a bleacher and rolled down to the front row.  Luckily, the visitors didn’t see this one.  When the employee who scans the early entrance finally showed up 6 minutes late, I ran in and claimed the Doumit HR ball.  It was ball #1.

I asked Nyjer Morgan for a baseball, but he ignored me. 

Game:  6 Balls  (3 hit, 3 device)
Season:  26 Balls  (12 hit, 9 thrown, 5 device)
Games:  6 Games (5 with BP/ 1 without)
Average:  4.33 Balls per Game
Career:  192 Balls
Attendance:  20,755