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8-28-10 Progressive Field

I knew coming into today that it would be my final game for the month of August.  To motivate myself to do well in August, I decided that I would try to break the one month record for most balls snagged in one month.  That record was 138 balls, snagged by Zack Hample in August of 2008.

Coming into today I needed to snag three baseballs to break that record.  I made the trip to Progressive Field solo, so I don’t have any great pictures of my performance, but I’ll do my best to illustrate the day.

I was probably about the seventh person in line.  My motivation factor has been declining throughout the season, so I wasn’t there hours before the gates opened to be first in line.  I didn’t even look to see if any of the other teams had taken batting practice.

Upon entering, apparently they did take batting practice because there were seven balls in the seats.  I was able to get two of them in the front row in right center field.  They were within a few feet of each other.  Those two balls tied the one month record.  I just needed one more.

It would come from Chris Perez. 
Perez whistled and threw a ball in my direction.  There were some other folks near me, so I’m not sure exactly who the intended target was, but it ended up landing about seven or eight rows back in a completely empty area.  The ball must’ve hit an armrest on a chair because it took a fortuitous hop and landed in my row at my feet.  That was ball #3 of the month, #139 of the month of August, and the record breaker.  

I relaxed a bit and wasn’t being real aggressive running after baseballs, despite the crowd looking like this as the Indians wrapped up their BP.
100_4082.JPGbut I only spin PNC Park’s prize wheel under the left field bleachers.

I left, taking home seven baseballs, which brought my total to the month to 143.

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Total:  143 balls in 22 games = 6.5 per game

This likely is my last game at Progressive Field this year.
Today’s baseballs:
Sweet spots:

Game:  7 balls ( 1 hit, 3 thrown, 3 found )
Season:  494 balls (240 hit, 113 thrown, 72 device, 69 found)
Games: 77 games
Average:  6.42 balls per game
2010 Game Balls: 5
Career:  1,072 balls
Streak:  173 consecutive games attended with at least 1 ball snagged.
Attendance: 16,372
Balls in the month of August:  143 (new record)
Balls needed to break single season record: 50

9-12-09 Progressive Field

Unfortunately, I missed the entire 3 game series at PNC Park vs the Cubs earlier this week.  Monday it rained, so I stayed home.  Tuesday, I had to coach, and wouldn’t have been able to get to the game until 7.  Wednesday’s game was an afternoon game, and I had to work.

Not wanting to get completely shut out in Week 23, I made the two hour drive to Cleveland today.

I got there early enough so that I would be first in line. 
It would be twenty minutes before anyone else showed up.  While waiting, I ran into a ballhawk named Dennis from New York.  He was on a 10 ballpark tour, and was familiar with other ballhawks such as Zack Hample, District Boy, and Greg Barasch.  We talked up until the gates opened. 

When the gates did open, I ran in to search for Easter Eggs.  Usually there are a bunch, but the Indians didn’t hit early, so there was nothing.  After an exhaustive search, I did find ball #1 several rows back in the section closest to the Indians bullpen.

I then turned my attention the Indians batting practice.
Eventually, the bullpen coaches and a cop got the squirrel to go into the Indians bullpen, and slammed the door shut.  What is it with Cleveland and animal problems (remember those seagulls that cost the Royals a game a couple months ago

I didn’t stay for the game, and left, satisfied with my six snags on the day.

Today’s baseballs:
Sweet spots:

Game:  6 balls (5 hit, 1 thrown)
Season:  350 balls (187 hit, 102 thrown, 62 device)
Games: 72 games (7 of which didn’t have BP)
Average:  4.86 balls per game
Career:  516 balls
Streak:  87 consecutive games attended with at least 1 ball snagged.
Attendance:  24,842

6-27-09 PNC Park

Today was a Saturday, which meant an extra 30 minutes of batting practice, since the gates open at 4:30 rather than 5:00.

When I got in, I immediately went into foul territory to look for Easter Eggs.  I scoured every row, but found nothing.  I then wasted 14 minutes of batting practice by staying in the left field foul area.  I was hoping Nyjer Morgan or another lefty would slice one down the line, but it didn’t happen.  I watched about six balls land in the left field bleachers during this time.  I then made my way back to my normal spot in left field.

After a short lull, I got 3 balls in maybe a minute.  The first ball went off of a ballhawk’s glove.  He must’ve lost it in the sun.  Either way, I reached down and picked up the ball for ball #1 of the day.  Notice the hole in it.
Seconds later, a home run was hit at another ballhawk.  He tried to snag it in his hat, but slightly missed it.  The ball rattled around under the bleacher.  He didn’t see it, but I did.  I ran over and picked up ball #2 of the day. 

Moments later, a home run was hit to my right.  Myself, along with three other ballhawks closed in on it, and I was able to grab ball #3 off of the concrete barehanded in the knick of time.

I hit a dry patch.  Near the end of batting practice, Stephen Jackson threw a ball to fellow ballhawk Nick.  For whatever reason, Jeff Karstens turned and looked right at me and said, “There’s one over there,” and pointed in foul territory. 
Game:  6 balls (5 hit, 1 thrown)
Season:  216 balls (112 hit, 74 thrown, 30 device)
Games:  43 games (5 of which didn’t have BP)
Average:  5.02 balls per game
Career:  382 balls
Attendance:  36,032

6-26-09 PNC Park

Ten games in ten days is quite a stretch. I’m not sure if I’ll make it to all of them, but we’ll see. It definitely makes keeping up with blogging a bit difficult. That’s why today’s entry is being completed at the ballpark on my IPhone.

The day started off with dark clouds, thunder, and lightning at the ballpark. Fortunately, it passed without raining. There would be BP.

I got shut out until around 5:20, when a Royals batter hit a ball that rolled onto the warning track in left field. I flung my glove out twice, knocked the ball closer, and reeled in ball #1 of the day. There were some skeptics watching me go for it, wandering how the ball was going to stay in the glove. So, when I pulled it off the track there was some faint applause heard.

I got ball #2 from a Royals righty who bounced it off of the warning track in left field. It took one bounce and landed in my glove two rows back.

The second Royals group was 3 lefties and 2 righties. I decided to go to the left field foul corner. Bad decision. I got nothing there. I went back to left.

The final Royals group was ALL lefties. I waited around in left for awhile, hoping to get a ball tossed up, but had no luck. Juan Cruz was especially rude. I soon noticed a ball in center field. No Royals were in any hurry to snag the ball.

I made my way over and used the glove trick to pull up ball #3 on the day. There was another ball there that was a bit farther out, but I let it go.

Batting practice ended soon after. I went to the upper deck, ending my ballhawking for the day.

At least it’s 6:32 pm and I’m already done with today’s entry!


Game: 3 balls (1 hit, 2 device)
Season: 210 balls
Games: 42 (5 of which didn’t have BP)

Average: 5.00 balls per game

Career: 376 balls


6-10-09 Progressive Field

I decided to go to this game despite a gloomy forecast of rain throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

I had changed my mind several times about going.  I had ultimately decided not to go, until the rain forecast changed from 60% chance to 50% chance at around 1PM.

Getting onto the turnpike in Pennsylvania, there were menacing clouds on the horizon ahead.
No rain drops though.

Passing into Ohio, it was just overcast.  Still no rain.
Game:  6 Balls (1 hit, 3 thrown, 2 device)
Season:  157 Balls (68 hit, 65 thrown, 24 device)
Games:  31 games (4 of which didn’t have BP)
Average:   5.06 Balls per Game
Career:  323 Balls
Attendance: 16,257