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Marlins Park Tour

Not too long ago, the Marlins opened up their park to their season ticket holders to take a lot around and familiarize themselves with the brand new stadium.  I went digging around various websites recently to show you what the new park looks like.

Here’s your sneak peak:

A view from the seats to the right side of home plate, facing left field:

Another view from roughly the same angle:

From farther back:

And looking slightly to the left:

So what are we looking at out there?  If you look closely, left field is awful for BP.  There are 2.5 sections of seating with maybe nine rows.  The rows look like they could be a bit steep, like right field in PNC Park and Cincinnati.

There are bullpens there too that will swallow up most of the home runs hit in batting practice.

Then there’s also a huge sculpture in left center field.

I’m not really sure how I feel about that sculpture.  At first I thought it looked pretty hideous, but I thought the Marlins new uniforms looked awful, but they are starting to grow on me.  Maybe in time the oddly placed piece of art will find a home in my heart.

What do you think of it?  Personally, I would’ve rather them put more seats out there.

Here’s another angle of the Marlins Park sculpture in left center field.  No matter how many angles I look at, I still just don’t really care for it.

Anyhow, here’s a side view of the sculpture.  Take a look at those steps leading down behind it.  Where do they go?  Why isn’t anyone on them?  Are they closed to the public?  That is prime real estate for a home run ball.  If I was a Marlins ballhawk, I’d probably just hang down there all game and gobble up game home runs.

Those steps have to be open to the public!  Look how many of them there are!  It’s wide enough that it looks like it was built for public use.

I tried to find pictures to see where the steps went to, but couldn’t.  Check this out:

That’s right ballhawks.  RAILINGS.  Oh man, LF is going to be awful for batting practice.

Since we’re talking about left field, here’s a view of home plate from left:

That picture kind of sucks, so here’s a better one:

Let’s move over to center field:

Here’s a dead on view of center field:

And here’s the batting eye, looking toward right field.

Notice right field also has those dreadful railings.  That’s not the only problem.  There’s also an overhang, and it looks like it covers nearly the entire lower level of right field.  Getting home runs balls during BP there will be limited, a la Citi Field right field.

You can see the outfield set up from this photo:

Here’s the main seating area in foul territory.  It reminds me of PNC Park with the cross aisle running around the field several rows behind the dugout:

The press box behind home plate:

A look in from near the left field foul pole:

And the right field foul pole:

A view from third base looking out towards right field:

Have you heard about the live aquariums behind the plate?

Should be pretty cool for anyone sitting down close:

A batting practice shot:

And finally, here’s a shot of the scoreboard:

Let’s head out to the concourse:

They look rather crowded, and this was just at fan fest.  If there’s one thing I hate its a crowded concourse.  There’s nothing worse at a baseball game than tiptoeing through a crowd.

Parts of the concourse look pretty snazzy thought:

Here’s a crowd waiting to get in outside:

It will likely look like that before every game, as the Marlins, using poor judgement, are only opening the park 90 minutes early before the games.   STUUUUUUPID!

Finally, the exterior of the building:

Another area outside of the park:

And finally, an aerial of the new Marlins Park:

And there you have it!

What do you all think?  I think the park is nice looking, but I wouldn’t rank it in the top 5 of all of the baseball parks based off of the pictures, maybe not even in the top 10.

I think its going to be h*ll for batting practice, given the layout of the outfield and the late gate opening times.

What’s everyone else think?  Anyone planning on going there this year?

There’s only 11 more days until Opening Day, and you could win this David Wright shirt tomorrow!