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11-19 & 11-20-10 Charlottesville VA

My winter away from baseball took brought me to Charlottesville VA for to see the last two Dave Matthews Band concerts of 2010.  The concerts were much anticipated because these would be the last DMB concerts until at least 2012, as the band is taking its first break from touring since its inception in 1991.

It was about a five hour drive but well worth it. 

The John Paul Jones Amphitheatre:
dmbpics (9).jpg
Located at the University of Virginia:
dmbpics (7).jpg
Our seats were located in Sec 115 Row N, which was the very first row on the side stage:
dmbpics (8).jpg
Highlights of the concert were the song Spoon (the first time I’ve ever heard that song played live after 48 shows) Warehouse and Jimi Thing.

The next morning, we woke up very early to see the sun rise.  It was pretty awesome to see it come up over the Blue Ridge Mountains.
100_5191.JPGSince it was very early and we were at the top of a summit, the wind coupled with the cold made things very frigid.  Here I am battling the double dose of cold and wind
100_5223.JPGThe sun finally showed itself kicking off day two of the Charlottesville trip.
100_5243.JPGLater on that morning we headed into downtown Charlottesville:
There I found the Jefferson Theater, where Dave Matthews played with Tim Reynolds on 5/27/93 and 12/12/93:
Eventually, we found Miller’s bar, which was the birthplace of the Dave Matthews Band.
I found this on nancies.org to better describe the bar:

Miller's is a bar located on Charlottesville's Downtown Mall on Main Street.
It is located in the old Miller's Drugstore building, and was turned into a
bar after being purchased by Steve Tharpe in 1981. In September of 2001 it
underwent some minor renovations before being sold to Scottie Kaylor. The new
owner alternately suggested that massive renovations were likely and that
everything would be kept the same. By mid-2002, most of the waitstaff had
turned over, pool tables had been added on a new third level, the menu had been
completely overhauled, and it had lost most of its long-time crowd of regulars.

It was at Miller's that the members of Dave Matthews Band first collaborated.
Dave Matthews and Peter Griesar worked at the bar, which has long been a
hotbed for jazz music in Charlottesville. Among the regulars at that time
were Leroi Moore, Carter Beauford, Tim Reynolds, Boyd Tinsley, Greg Howard,
and many others. With the help of musician John D'earth, Matthews was able to
assemble the Miller's regulars and the rest is history. Greg Howard, John
D'earth, Tim Reynolds and countless other Charlottesville jazz performers
performed there regularly for years, although most of them have ended their
tenure there since Miller's was sold.

Due to Miller's position in DMB lore, it has become somewhat of a mecca for
wide-eyed Dave Matthews Band fans."

Me outside the bar:
And inside:
100_5268.JPGThere was an hour wait for food, so we headed down the street to Christian’s pizza where I stood in line for what seemed like an hour.
After lunch we headed to the Shenandoah mountains and took a few pictures:
100_5309.JPGAfter spending a few hours in the mountain it was time to head back to Charlottesville and the concert (night 2). 
Our seats were in the upper deck, section 313 row G, but I still had an absolute blast. 
dmbpic34.jpgThe highlights of the concert besides just being there and dancing were:
1) hearing Long Black Veil for the first time since my first DMB concert in 2000.  It’s ultra rare nowadays, this just being the second time it’s been played full band since 2003.
2) hearing the Song that Jane Likes
3) hearing Write a Song for the first time.
4) an amazing 5 song encore.

After the concert, we drove home through the night and got back at 5:30 AM.  It didn’t help that this had been the longest concert in DMB history.

The next day on 11-21-10 I went to the Consol Energy Center to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
dmbpics (1).jpg
I wasn’t into it.
dmbpics (3).jpg
We actually left early before the concert even ended to go to PPG Square to see the Christmas tree.
dmbpics (10).jpg
Before leaving, I took a moment to demonstrate my severe dislike for the Penguins.
dmbpics (4).jpg
I promise my next entry will have something to do with baseball.

My DMB Statistics:

Shows Attended = 49
Different Songs Seen = 155
# Song Performances = 902
Venues Attended = 18

By the way, I got 10 concert posters for $40 each before they sold out (I had early entrance tickets) which have sold for a nice profit on ebay.


4-18-09 PNC Park

I could only attend batting practice at today’s game because I had Dave Matthews Band tickets for later tonight.

Since today’s game was to begin at 12:35, I feared that there would be no batting practice.  Usually on day games after night games, there is no batting practice.  However, when I was walking to the Center field gate, I could see this. 
I got to the gates at 9:45 AM, 15 minutes early, and was third in line.  There were two non-ballhawks in front of me, so I felt pretty confident about being the first person into batting practice and claiming any Easter eggs.

I was the first one to the early entrance point, but the season ticket scanner wasn’t there.  A few other security guards came and said we had to wait until the scanner showed up.  I showed them I had season tickets and I even flashed my season ticket card.  They said no one could enter until the scanner showed up.  In the mean time, there were three fans with visitor passes in the bleachers. 

Ryan Doumit crushed a homerun that landed in the bleachers.  All I could do is stand helplessly and watch one of the visitor fans walk over and pick it up.  One missed opportunity.  Doumit hit another ball that hit near the bullpen.  It bounced off a bleacher and rolled down to the front row.  Luckily, the visitors didn’t see this one.  When the employee who scans the early entrance finally showed up 6 minutes late, I ran in and claimed the Doumit HR ball.  It was ball #1.

I asked Nyjer Morgan for a baseball, but he ignored me. 

Game:  6 Balls  (3 hit, 3 device)
Season:  26 Balls  (12 hit, 9 thrown, 5 device)
Games:  6 Games (5 with BP/ 1 without)
Average:  4.33 Balls per Game
Career:  192 Balls
Attendance:  20,755