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4-22-12 PNC Park

Today was a Sunday, which has become the worst day to attend a baseball game at PNC.  Fans aren’t allowed into the stadium until 11:30 AM, and even then, they must remain on the outer outfield concourse aka the Riverwalk until noon.   No one can enter the seating bowl before noon.

I stood above the bullpen and watched as the Pirates pitchers warmed up.  I watched as an overthrow sailed over Evan Meek’s head and into the seats.  However, the ball didn’t last long, as an usher who was sitting in the upper lower seating bowl walked down and pocketed it.

Luckily, when Jason Grilli finished his warm up throws, he looked out at the fans behind the bullpen and made a subtle motion like he would throw the ball up.  I raised my glove and then pointed back towards the concourse.  There’s a ten foot chain link fence, so he obviously would have to loft it over that to get it to the fans.

I broke back behind the fence and flags and waved my arms.  Grilli heaved a long toss towards the bullpen, but it fell short and landed in the bullpen.  He luckily had another ball, and he put a little extra on it.  It easily cleared the bullpen and all of the fans there, and landed in my glove on the fly as I was way behind everyone else.

At noon, when the gates opened to the main seating bowl, this was the view:

No batting practice.  Not a good day.

All of the pitchers had already thrown, so there was no opportunities to get baseballs until the starting pitchers came out to warm up.  I picked a spot near the bullpen and watched Erik Bedard warm up:

After he was done, I noticed that Cardinals coach Dyar Miller had a ball.  I yelled, “Coach, could you toss that ball up?”  He looked at me and threw up a wild overthrow.  It ended up bouncing off the back wall, where I raced over and picked it up for ball #2:

I had hoped to get one more ball today to get #1600 out of the way, but it didn’t happen.

Here’s today’s baseballs:

Sweet spots:

Game: 2 balls
Season: 55 balls
Lifetime: 1,599 balls