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4-13-11 Fox News

I was interviewed on Fox News regarding the Youtube video that I filmed on Saturday.

Around 9:15 AM, a limo picked me up at work.  Amy came along too to share in the experience.  Here I am, in the limo, feeling a bit nervous.
DSC01282.JPGI would be live to the entire nation in about a half hour. 

We arrived at the downtown Fox News Pittsburgh studio and were told where to go.

When we entered the studio, there was a fake background, a TV camera, a bunch of lights, a camera man, and a producer waiting for me.  We talked for a moment about what I’d be discussing, and then I had a seat and got mic’d up.
DSC01291.JPGI also got an earpiece put in my right ear, as the camera man told me how to work the volume.
DSC01296.JPGI couldn’t hear the producer from New York very well, so I jammed my earpiece in, and turned up the volume as high as it would go.
DSC01297.JPGAfter one final adjustment to my microphone, we would be ready to go.
DSC01299.JPGAmy sat to my side, just off camera.  It was nice to have her there.  It made me feel less nervous to have some support.
DSC01302.JPGThe interview itself was a blur.  The producer told me to animated and energetic.  He told me to pretend like I just had lots of caffeine. 

Martha MacCallum from America’s Newsroom interviewed me live on the air.  Fox News showed the video, and then Martha began interviewing me.  She basically asked me what I saw and what led up to the tasering and beating of the man in the USA Jacket.  It seemed like the interview was over rather quickly.  Overall, I was pleased with how it went.
DSC01304.JPGAfterwards, Amy and I were taken back to my work by the limo.

If you’d like to see the full interview, click HERE