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Cleveland Indians Season Tickets

In 2010, I bought a 20 game plan to the Cleveland Indians.  It was a pick-a-plan where I was able to choose the games that I wanted to go to.  It was really nice, because I always had my ticket in advance.  In 2011, I didn’t renew, mostly because the Indians have no worthwhile benefits for partial season ticket holders, and also I wasn’t going to make it to many games in Cleveland.  Recently, I’ve compiled my 2012 master schedule, and it appears that I’ll be able to attend somewhere around 20 games in Cleveland.  So I decided to go all in and buy a full 81 game plan.

Yes, I can do math.  I realize that I’m taking on 61 games of tickets that I won’t use.  I plan on using stubhub to get rid of those.  I’ll sell the tickets for games against the Yankees, Red Sox, and Tigers for slightly more than face value and the ones I won’t use against other teams for slightly less than face value.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to get my money back.

Also, the Indians give each full season ticket holder a game day suite with 16 tickets and 3 parking passes – a $2,000 value.  I plan on selling the whole suite or ticket by ticket, and making my money back that I’ve invested.

My season tickets cost $1458, so if my plans work out, I’ll make that money back on those 61 games and break even.  That way it’ll be like I’m getting those 20 games for free.

By the way, I bought 2 season tickets in the bleacher section.

Anyhow, I’m pretty excited.  Progressive Field is in my opinion, the best field for ballhawking.  My statistics back that up.

I average the most balls per game at Progressive.  Low crowds, a 4:30 gate opening time, and a vast expanse of seats for the crowd to thin out across makes Progressive Field my ballhawking paradise.  The only thing that would make it better would be for the Indians to allow season ticket holders only in at 4:30, and everyone else at 5:00.  I’m working on getting them to consider that…

I also bought full season tickets to another club.  You’ll just have to stay tuned to my daily postings to find out which one.

70 more days until Opening Day…