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3-27-09 Travel Day

I have landed in Tampa, FL after a hectic day of traveling.

My dad and I are planning on attending some Spring Training games this weekend in the Tampa area.  This will be the third consecutive year we’ve come to Spring Training games here.  However, this will be the first year that I attempt to snag anything.

Our plane was scheduled to leave Pittsburgh at 7:36pm and land in Atlanta at 9:20pm.  Then, we would catch our connecting flight at 10:05pm and arrive in Tampa at 11:30pm.  However, upon checking in, we were told that our plane would be delayed, and we likely would not land in time to make our connecting flight.  We were told that if this happens, we would have to stay over night in Atlanta and catch a plane Saturday morning.  Thanks a lot Airtran.  I was pretty mad.

I sat in Pittsburgh International Airport and watched the minutes tick away.  I got on the internet and listening to the Pirates and Blue Jays game on mlb.tv.  Eventually our plane arrived.  We had to wait for everyone to disembark from the plane and for the plane to be serviced.  Our plane ended up taking off over an hour late.  One positive to come of the situation was that the plane was half full, so we were able to move our seats so we could have plenty of room.  When I boarded the plane, I heard, “Hey Jabs!  What’s up!”  It was Audell, who as a high school kid I used to play basketball with every day at the YMCA and Welty Street School.  Back in the day, I used to be a great basketball player.  I had a mean inside game and could easily dunk.  I didn’t recognize him at first, but it was cool to see an old friend after 10 years.

Our plane landed in Atlanta around 10:35ish.  Our connecting flight was due to take off at 10:05.  We rushed off the plane and found that our connecting flight was at gate D4.  Luckily, gate D4 was only 2 gates away from where we disembarked.  However, not a soul was to be found.

The plane had already boarded, and I guess they were waiting for us.  As we were hustling to the desk by the boarding entrance we heard them paging “Customer Jabs to D4” over the loudspeaker.

We had made it.  Our time in Hartsfield International Airport:  maybe 2 minutes.

We arrived in Tampa around midnight, picked up our rental car, and got to the hotel at 1:16am.  It is a Days Inn and it’s kind of dumpy.  There are cigarette burns in my blanket.  It doesn’t matter though.  I’m here to see some baseball games and snag some balls.

By the way, spring training balls do not count in my season totals.