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6-6-09 Nationals Park – Ruined.

My trip to Nationals Park today has been ruined by baby birds. 

I had planned on making the trip down to Washington DC to see the Mets take on the Nationals today, and getting a third chance to snag a Citi Field ball.  I had never been to Nationals Park before, so I was excited for the opportunity.

Then, by a twist of fate, my plans were undone.

A bird had built a nest in an old unused vent on the side of our house.  We thought nothing of it at the time.  Occasionally we would hear the birds inside the vent when they were being fed.  Now, weeks later, the birds are grown, and they’re still living in the vent.  Tired of hearing the birds, my wife decided to get rid of them.  She sprayed water into the vent, and four large birds flew out.

Later on that night (yesterday), my wife noticed that little tiny bugs were in the kitchen.  Upon further inspection, they were everywhere.  On the fridge, on the ceiling, on the cupboards, on the stove, on the microwave, on the kitchen table, and even in the freaking toaster.  They were small brown bugs about the size of the period at the end of this sentence.  My wife freaked.  She sent me to wal mart to buy flea and tick spray while she started cleaning the area from top to bottom.  The cleaning went on for hours, and into the night. 

I figured that they were probably mites.  There was one of two sources, two house plants in the kitchen that were recently brought in, or the birds nest. 

The next morning, there were more bugs, mostly dead, all around the microwave and stove area.  It appeared they were concentrated where the vent was.

I remembered last year taking my dog for a walk and picking up a birds nest that was on the ground.  I remember watching thousands of little brown dots descend onto my hand and slowly move up my arm.  I shook them all off, but that’s something I wouldn’t forget.  Apparently, those same bugs that I ran into last year were the same bugs that were infesting the birds nest in the vent.  The spraying of the water into the vent likely foreced the mites to scatter and seek refuge inside of our house.

So, I skipped my Washington DC trip and stayed home.  The Orchin man came this afternoon.  He determined that they were spider mites, which typically infest birds and their nests. 

Disgusting.  He sprayed our kitchen and all around our house.  Cost?  $267.

My wife and her sister are now busy cleaning the kitchen inside out, and throwing away a lot of things.  Our toaster is in the trash can. 

What an awful experience.  I hate bugs.    Absolutely hate them.

Hopefully I’ll make it to Washington DC for at least one game this year.  It looks to be an awesome stadium for snagging.

My next game will be during the week next week.