Headed to Boston

I’m on a plane flying to Boston.  The ticket ended up being a fraud but stubhub upgraded my seat and gave me a free ticket.  If you’d like to read the story just do a search, there’s lots of media outlets that have covered it.  More from the World Series later.  Follow me on twitter @333greystreet for pics and updates. 

Lucky Buy

It’s been awhile since I’ve update anything on this blog.  The blog has become basically useless to me because I can’t upload any pictures since I’ve used 100% of my quota given by WordPress.

One big thing that I haven’t written about is the birth of my son, Erik Jr.  He’s a strapping baby – in the 92th percentile for height and 100th percentile for weight.  If you wonder why I never stay at the games, its because I am with my kids at home.

I’ve been monitoring prices for World Series tickets over the past few days, looking at which games I may possibly want to attend.  I was shocked to see that there was a ticket listed for $6 for Game 1 of the World Series when I checked yesterday evening.  Within seconds, I purchased it and received the ticket via email from stubhub, which I printed out.  I posted my lucky buy on twitter, and from there, the purchased gained some national exposure.  Check it out:


Lucky Fan Buys Ticket on StubHub to Red Sox-Cardinals Game 1 of World Series for $6 (Photo)

Bleacher Report:

CBS Sports: