WordPress App

As a big time smartphone user, I wanted to let my fellow bloggers know about a cool app that I’ve been using a lot recently.  It’s the WordPress app, and it makes running and updating your blog a lot easier.

Let’s say you want to edit a blog entry because you made a mistake.  Or, you could even be at a ballgame and editing/updating your blog as the action is unfolding in front of you.  You just have to click the entry you want to work on, and from there it’s easy.

Simply type away, like you would do if you were at a keyboard.  You can do pretty much everything that you could do on a computer, even put in pictures and all that jazz.  If you have an Iphone 4S, you can just dictate your text and the phone will do everything for you.

One of the chores of running a blog is keeping up with the comments.  Its really tough to write daily and respond to comments all the time, and lots of time, comments need to be approved if the commenter is posting from a new IP address or is a first time commenter.  You can easily read and respond to all comments on this app too:

The other thing I love about this app is the ability to monitor your site stats.  Sure, you can do it on the computer too, but if you just want to do a quick check of how your blog is faring , just click the stats in the toolbar at the bottom.

You can see monthly:

Weekly (runs Monday to Sunday on the app):


You can also see you daily views as numerical data:

You can also see what your most popular posts have been over the past 7 days.  For me, my divisional previews have been big time view builders for a few weeks now:

You can also check out your referrers to see what sites are sending your blog traffic, as well as what search terms people are using to land on your blog.

It’s a useful too, so if you’re a blogger, I suggest you check it out.

There’s only 5 more days until Opening Day.  Wow.  It’s the end of March.  Time has flown.  Tomorrow I’ll be giving away this Andrew McCutchen shirt, and I’m thinking about doing a tournament to give it away.  Check back for details soon!

By the way, the Opening Day forecast is looking good.  It’ll likely be a bit chilly during BP, but I’ll take it if there’s no rain:



  1. philadelphia45

    I don’t know how or why i noticed this but you must have a fast charger. @ 11:44 you were at 2% yet four minutes later you were fully charged.