Pirates Preview : Pre Opening Day Workout April 4

The Pirates sent out an email inviting their season ticket holders to come out and watch as the Pirates and Phillies take batting practice and run through drills the day before the Home Opener, April 4th.

Admission will be free.  There is no actual game, the game will be the next day.   Kudos to the Pirates for doing this.  I know that the Reds also open up their gates the day before the opener for their fans, and always thought it was a great idea.

Anyhow, the gates open at 2:30, which poses a problem to me, since I am still working at that time.  I should be able to make it down to PNC Park in time to catch part of the Pirates batting practice and all of the Phillies BP.  Therein lies a potential problem for me.  Should I could the balls I get at the workout in my official stats or not?

Here’s why I shouldn’t:
1)  There isn’t an actual game

Here’s why I should:
1)  Almost all ballhawks count the balls they snag at the Home Run Derby in their collection.  That isn’t a game.  If I remember correctly it’s All Star ‘work out’ and Home Run derby.  I don’t see much of a difference between this and that.
2)  The balls are hit by major league players
3)  The balls are snagged at a major league park, hit by MLB players
4)  Other fans will be in attendance, creating competition
5)  Spring Training is over, so these wouldn’t be considered spring training balls
6)  I’ve seen other ballhawks count less than credible balls such as ball found on tours when no game was taking place, balls that were purchased or won in a team store raffle, balls that were found by another person and held until the ballhawk could claim it, etc etc.  Some ballhawks even count spring training balls in their stats.  I’ve been to spring training.  I once snagged about 10 balls and I was literally the only person standing there.

I don’t see why I shouldn’t count these balls in my collection, so I think I’m going to.

What do you think?  Should I?  Should I definitely not?

Also, I’m doing a contest tonight.  I’m so pumped for the season that I may just do a giveaway every single day leading up to Opening Day.  So check back soon.  Tonight, the first correct answer wins!

There’s only 9 more days until Opening Day, and you have until Sunday to win this Andrew McCutchen shirt.

In case you’re wondering, here’s the forecast for Opening Day, April 5:

Not good – 60% chance of showers.  What else is new in Pittsburgh?


  1. Rick Gold

    I think you should count them. Attending this event would be no different than going to a game for batting practice and leaving before first pitch. Every ballhawk I know counts those baseballs even though they didn’t technically attend the actual game.

  2. txrangersfan

    I would say go ahead and count them as well. At first I said no but after reading your arguments you bring up a good point that you should just go ahead and count them.