Chipper Jones to retire

Yesterday, Chipper Jones announced that the 2012 season would be his last.  Jones has been somewhat of a polarizing figure in his career.  Atlanta Braves fans love him, while fans of NL East teams, particularly the Mets, seem to hate him.

Well fans, you’ll have one more chance to boo or cheer Chipper Jones this season.  Jones will have a farewell tour in the fact that fans will know that this is the last time that they will ever see him play.  If the Braves don’t make the playoffs, (which they may not since the NL East is much improved) your last chance to see Chipper Jones will be at PNC Park on October 3rd.

Personally, I like it better when a player of Jones’ caliber lets the baseball world know that this will be it.  This way, fans can watch them play one more time.  Jones was special in the fact that he played his entire career for one team – a feat that is becoming more rare as the years pass.

Is Jones a first ballot Hall of Famer?  Let’s look at his numbers.
He hit 454 home runs, 2615 hits, .304 batting average, .533 slugging, .935 OPS, won an MVP award, 7 All Star appearances.  I’d say he is.  He’s had a great career.

How’d you feel about Chipper Jones?  Like him?  Hate him?  Indifferent?
I used to hate him because I hated his wry smile and his sunflower seed stuffed cheek.  However, after watching him play and watching him hit in batting practice I grew to appreciate him.

I think I’ll be posting more today – maybe another mini contest for a shirt.  Check back soon.


  1. Stephen

    As a Mets fan I hate Chipper Jones the baseball player. I’m sure I probably would like him as a person. He’s definitely a Hall of Famer