David Wright Jersey Shirt Giveaway

I’m giving away MLB Stuff every week on this blog to reward my readers.

I’ve given away a Matt Wieters shirt to Joey Orr,
a Brandon Phillips shirt to Matt Jackson,
a Dustin Pedroia shirt to Stephen D,
a Phillies shirt to Connor,
a Dodgers shirt to Matt Jackson,
a Ryan Zimmerman shirt to Big Brown Fox
a Nick Markakis shirt to NYBisons,
and this CC Sabathia shirt to Teen Reds Fan.

This week, I gave readers a chance to pick this shirt, and then the player.

They picked a Mets shirt:

And the player is David Wright:

Here’s the full front of the shirt:

And with tags:

I believe I have this shirt available in a small, medium, large and XL.

Here’s how you win the shirt:

I post blog entries every day.  All you have to do is leave a comment or retweet my blog link on twitter.

So, again,  to enter:
1)  Leave a comment.
You can enter up to seven times per week simply by leaving a comment.  Non-pertinent, spam, or inappropriate comments will not be accepted.  If you comment multiple times on the same blog entry, it still counts as one entry.  For example, if you commented on three different blog posts from this week, you’d have three entries.  If you’d comment three times on the same blog posting, it would could as one.

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At the end of the week on Sunday, I’ll have Olivia, Amy or myself choose a name from a hat and announce the winner.

So, what’s everyone think of the Mets’ chances in 2012.  In my NL East preview, I buried the Mets in last place and predicted them to lose 100 games.  By the way, Spring Training isn’t really a good indicator of how a team will do in the regular season due to the amount of minor league players involved, players just getting their work in, regardless if they’re struggling, etc… but the Mets are 3-11 this spring – worst in the MLB.

As far as David Wright in 2012, things aren’t getting underway well for him.  He has a torn abdominal muscle and may not be ready for opening day.  Hopefully for Wright, he can recover without surgery.  Ryan Zimmerman had surgery for a torn abdominal muscle last year and missed half of the season.

How do you think the Mets will fare in 2012?  How about David Wright?  Will the moved in fences at Citi Field help him?  He hit 30 homers in 2007 and 33 in 2008 – while only hitting 14 last year and posting a career worst .771 OPS and .254 average.

On another note, there’s only 17 more days until Opening Day.  And it’s been in the 70’s for about a week here in PA with highs forecast at about 80 for the next three days.  Olivia and I are loving this.  We can sit on our deck at 7:30 PM and enjoy the birds singing and the sunset behind us.

There’s just one thing missing – baseball games.  Soon we’ll be listening to the crack of the bat.  Almost there…


  1. Nicholas Badders

    Awesome picture of you and Oliva! And if spring records do reflect on the regular season, the A’s are 14-4-1, so they will win the AL West with that logic. But when it comes to the NL EastL, I say the Marlins win the divison, with Washington Second, Phillies 3rd, Braves 4th, and Mets 5th…

  2. jbooher2013

    Phillies in 3rd? I would love for that to happen to shut up all the Phillies fans around here in PA!

    BTW great pic of you and your daughter!

  3. Nicholas Badders

    2jbooher2013- I say Phillies in 3rd because 1) I don’t think they can compete with the Marlins, this is their year to win, and with the Nationals getting Gio, Strausburg in full health, Zimmerman fresh off a new contract, and Bryce Harper comming up at some point in the year, not to mention Davey Johnson telling the GM to fire him if they don’t make it to the playoffs.

  4. Stephen

    Sadly as a Mets fan (and realist) I put the over/under at 72 wins. The pitching staff is nothing to be thrilled about, Pelfrey has been getting shelled in Spring Training. As for Wright, I hope he does hit more HR”s with the fences in, but I’m not confident in that. The other thing that’s forgotten is that visiting teams hit more Homeruns than the Mets, so as much as it may result in more HR’s for the Mets, it will inflate the visiting teams numbers even further.

  5. philadelphia45

    I’m a Phillies fan but I don’t know how to react to the prediction. It is obviously bad but, less fans at BP means more balls. Wait, I should not be thinking this way…


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  7. nybisons

    Could always use another shirt!!!! Picking them to lose 100 games?! You’re crazy, Erik!
    Lets be completely honest, they’ll at least lose 105.

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  9. Howie

    Mets look like this could be a train wreck. Or they will suprise everybody somehow. Should be fun to watch.


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