Got a Buc?

Got a Buc?

The Pirates are bringing back the popular $1 tickets for a game this season – scheduled for Sunday, April 22nd.  Typically, the Pirates have done this in the past for the first night game of the season to draw fans in.  It was always a bit of a downer some years when there would be 37,000 fans for Opening Day, and then 10,000 the next night for game 2 – so the Pirates have been doing this for a few years now.

However, the Pirates open the season against the Phillies at home and their second game, a Saturday night game, is nearly sold out, which is why the Pirates likely chose this game to be their $1 promotion day.

Last year’s Buc Night was April 8 and drew 29,000
In 2010, Buc Night was April 7 and drew 31,000.
In 2009, the first ever Buc Night, April 15 – drew 20,000.
In 2008, there was no Buc Night for game #2 – the second game of the season drew just 9,735.

So, I think it’s a nice idea to get fans to the ballpark early in the season and boost attendance numbers.

What does Buc Night mean to ballhawks?  Stay away.  Stay far away.  Sunday BP’s are rare.  This is to allow players more time to sleep after a night game.  Even when there are Sunday BPs, there is no early entrance for season ticket holders, so you’ll likely only see one team hit, if at all.  The outfield will be packed, so toss up balls between innings will be terribly tough.


In addition to the $1 tickets fans can buy hot dogs and popcorn for just a buck.

That’s not all… Every kid in attendance age 14 or younger will receive a Kids Recycled Cap.

So what tickets are available?  The entire upper deck, minus the club level is $1.  All outfield box seats are also a $1.  The only seats not priced at a $1 are the infield boxes.  The Pirates could open those up to be $1 though if they sell out of all other seats.  They did it before in the past…

There aren’t 2 lower level outfield box seats left together, as tickets are selling fast, but there are still lower level seats in the upper rows of the outfield box seats, as well as outfield reserved seats on the wall.  So don’t delay!

I bought a bunch of $1 tickets in the lower level in section 131.  I was thinking about giving them away as prizes, maybe after all of the $1 tickets are exhausted from the Pirates.

Just thought I’d like to let you know in case there is anyone looking for a cheap game at PNC Park – or in case any entrepreneurs want to make some money by reselling their tickets (like a bunch of others on Stubhub).

There are only 20 more days until Opening Day, and you have until Sunday to win the Sabathia shirt.

And I extended my posting streak to 56 straight.  What does Joe Dimaggio have on me?  By the way, I just made it by 1 minute.  It’s 11:59!



  1. Nick Badders

    For the A’s, on every wednesday home game, they have $2 tickets in select sections and $1 hot dogs.