MLB At Bat ’12 = Best App Ever

I’ve had a subscription to for several years now.  It allows me to watch tons of games (although I never really do because I attend so many) and also it lets me go back and re-watch plays unfold of games I was at.  Did a home run sail over my head in a game?  If so, I can go back and check the tape and find myself.

This year, those users who buy also get the At Bat ’12 app for free.  It’s worth it.  Trust me.  It’s the greatest app ever.

Here’s a little bit of what it can do.

First, the app asks you to identify your favorite team.  Every time you log in, you get this screen first.

You can quickly check the score of your favorite team, look at a schedule, buy tickets, etc.  Click on schedule and you can view all of the recent scores from any game of your choosing, or check out what teams are coming up next.

There’s also a news tab at the bottom that allows you to keep up on every little thing that happens:

Want highlights?  MLB At Bat has video highlights:

Believe it or not you can also buy tickets with a couple of taps of your finger on your phone:

You’ll never need to open another slow internet browser page on your phone again.  Everything can be done on the At Bat 12 app.

One of my favorite features is the roster.  It usually takes me at least 15 minutes prior to a series to make a roster.  I have to find the current 25 man roster, copy and paste.  Then go through and get a picture of each player that I don’t recognize, which can be a lot if its a team that’s not from the NL Central Division that I see often, such as the Royals.  Anyhow, the MLB At Bat ’12 Roster tab brings up an alphabetized list of the players which is also sortable by position.  Most useful is that the roster also includes the player’s number and a face picture!

I use At Bat mostly for checking the scores of games.  I can quickly see what the scores are and check box scores in the blink of an eye.

But I can also check league leaders

and standings.

I also like the ability to see all of a particular day’s games.  It will make looking for a day game after a day game much easier (since day after day games likely have batting practice).

If you aren’t able to watch a game on your phone because you’re driving, you can listen to the game easily.  And you can choose the home or away feed.  I usually use this feature when driving home from another stadium to Pittsburgh to check in on the Pirates.

Lastly, the coolest part of the app is watching live games.  You get the same feed that everyone else would be seeing on TV:

In amazing quality:

I’m watching the Pirates take on the Red Sox right now:

It’s amazing to think all this is done on a cell phone.  Who even needs a computer anymore?

While watching games, you can click the line score in the top right of the screen to bring a drop down box of other games that you can scroll through to check other scores, without ever leaving the game:

You can do the same thing with a transparent box score to see how each player is doing in the game, and you never have to leave the video feed.

If you don’t have and At Bat ’12, I’d highly recommend that you do.  If you’re a big baseball fan you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Does anyone else love this app?  Or are there other great baseball apps you use throughout the season?

There’s only 27 more days til Opening Day, and you have 3 more days (Sunday night) to win this Ryan Zimmerman shirt.



  1. Stephen

    Does it know if you’re out of range from your home market and allow you to watch your team’s game?