Ryan Zimmerman Nationals Jersey Shirt Giveaway

Recently, the Nationals made news when they signed Ryan Zimmerman to a $100 million, six year contract extension that runs through 2019.  The deal featured a full no trade clause, and made him the highest paid third baseman in the game behind Alex Rodriguez.

I’m giving away a shirt each week as we head to opening day.

To date, I’ve given away away a Matt Wieters shirt to Joey Orr,
a Brandon Phillips shirt to Matt Jackson,
a Dustin Pedroia shirt to Stephen D,
a Phillies shirt to Connor,
and this Dodgers shirt shirt to Matt Jackson.

This week, I’m giving away this Ryan Zimmerman shirt:

It says Nationals across the chest:

And has Zimmerman’s name and number on the back.

A great shirt for a Nats fan, or for a ballhawk that might want to throw this on when the Nationals are taking BP to get a few balls tossed their way.  (If you’re in Pittsburgh, that would be early Mat when the Nationals visit PNC Park).

The winner can choose their shirt in a Medium, Large, or 2XL.

With the option, the contract will keep Zimmerman in a Nationals uniform through 2020, his age 35 season.  What does everyone think of the contract?  Too much?

The Nationals handed out a $126 million, 7 year deal to Jayson Werth, and it turned out to be disastrous after only one year.  Werth is a mere shadow of the player he was before signing the deal.  Hopefully Zimmerman doesn’t become injured or just fade – because that would seriously hinder the Nationals ability to compete for the next six years.  The Nats are going to need to come up with big time cash to keep Stephen Strasburg in a few years, and will probably want to lock up Bryce Harper too.

By the way, here’s how you win the shirt:

I post blog entries every day.  All you have to do is leave a comment or retweet my blog link on twitter.

So, again,  to enter:
1)  Leave a comment.
You can enter up to seven times per week simply by leaving a comment.  Non-pertinent, spam, or inappropriate comments will not be accepted.  If you comment multiple times on the same blog entry, it still counts as one entry.  For example, if you commented on three different blog posts from this week, you’d have three entries.  If you’d comment three times on the same blog posting, it would could as one.

2)  Retweet (RT) my posts on Twitter
You can find me on twitter under 333greystreet.  Simply retweet my daily posts of my blog link and I’ll count that as an entry.  My blog is connected to my twitter so that I automatically tweet once I post a new entry.  Each day, I’ll search who’s retweeted me and enter those users into a hat along with the commenters.  By the way, you do not need to retweet my every tweet, only the tweets that announce a new blog post and url.  For example, if I tweeted, ‘Rerun of the Pirates Opening Day 2011 on tonight,’ if you retweeted it, it wouldn’t count as an entry.

At the end of the week on Sunday, I’ll have Olivia, Amy or myself choose a name from a hat and announce the winner.

Good luck!

It’s been a busy day around here with more season tickets arriving, buying MLB The Show 2012, and keeping up with spring training box scores!

There’s only 30 more days until Opening Day!


  1. Alex

    Finally a Nats shirt ! 🙂 Great !

    Too much money for Zimm ?? No way..worth every penny and even more ! Face of this team..top 3 3rd baseman in MLB..If he’s healthy, and he WILL, he can put over 100 RBI year after year..plus that great defense on the corner…awesome player !

  2. Mateo Fischer

    This is an interesting design. I have a red version of his shirt (which I may or may not have been wearing when I met you at Nats Park). So in fairness to other people don’t include me in this give-away, but I was just wondering if you got my e-mail regarding the tickets for Ballhawk Fest weekend. If not, I can include it in a comment. I really do appreciate you offering to sell them and would be willing to by them 50% above face-value.

  3. Stephen

    I like Ryan Zimmerman a lot especially since he’s been through a lot with the Nationals, I’m just not entirely convinced he’s worth the money especially sunce he’s been injured. I feel like the Nats overpaid for him out of loyalty

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  5. teenredsfan

    I hope I win this shirt, Im not a big Nats fan but im going to a Marlins vs. Nationals game in Miami and hope to catch a commemorative, so this shirt will help a lot

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  10. Rebecca Berkson

    Love the shirt, love Ryan Zimmerman. Do you know if we can still buy this shirt? Don’t see it on their website.