My Glove Reborn! and Spring Training’s 1st game

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about how my glove that I use for ballhawking had snagged its last ball as it was, and was just about completely fallen apart.  I needed a fix, so I sent it off to Jim Dowdell of to get it redone.

Well, I’ve got it back, and it’s literally like having a brand new glove.

Below are some before and after pictures.

A profile of the glove:

You may notice the stitching has all been completely redone, and the shape of the glove is different.  It looks a little more rigid.

Here’s the backside of the glove:

Before the glove was really flat.  Now there is a nice curved shape to it.

Check out the drastic difference in the pocket.

It used to be really floppy and flimsy.  Now it has a nice pocket that stays that keeps it shape.

Another major difference in the glove is the heel region – the part where I put my hand in the glove.  Before there was a huge opening there.  It was from having 30 feet of string wrapped around my hand at all times in my glove.  That may sound difficult, but I got really used to it.

Now there glove fits like a glove – really snug.

That leads to one issue when it comes to ballhawking though… how am I going to do the glove trick?  I literally feel like I can’t fit anything else into my glove besides my hand.

What do you think I could do?  I was thinking about getting two hooks and just carrying the 30 feet of string in my pocket, and then clipping the hooks together when needed to in order to excute the glove trick, but I’m afraid that when tossing the glove out onto the field for more challenging glove trick balls that the clips could dislodge and I could end up losing my glove.   What kind of clips should I use?  Keychain hooks?  Those seem too big.

Anyhow, despite not being able to have much string in my glove, this was the most important improvement:

A sturdy webbing that will allow the ball to stay in place once I get the rubber band over the ball when performing the glove trick.  Before, the lacing was loose, so the balls kept falling out, making me feel like an idiot.

Here’s one more look at the heel work from Jim:

Again, its basically brand new.

I’ll no longer be worried about my glove falling apart while playing catch before the gates open.

In other news, Spring Training games began today!

There was just one game – the Phillies taking on the Florida State Seminoles.  Just one MLB team, but still, a baseball game was played.  Finally.

And here’s the pictures to prove it from the broadcast:

A pitcher named Austin Hyatt was the first pitcher to throw a pitch in a 2012 game:

Domonic Brown stole a base:

Hunter Pence ripped a double:

And Hector Luna ripped the first home run of 2012 into the left field stands at Bright House Field:

And who doesn’t love reading box scores?  Here’s the first one of the season.

It’s nice to have this to look forward to every day from now until the end of October isn’t it?

There’s only 36 days until opening day, and 3 days until the first broadcasted game on MLB TV (Yankees vs Phillies). And, just 4 more days to win this LA Dodgers shirt.


  1. mlblogsbigglovebob

    Erik, I am in the camp that considers the glove trick to be blatant theft in most cases and I remember that you got lectured as such by a player when you needed him to throw your glove back to you. I know that there are fields that welcome the glove trick and other devices, and in those stadiums I say knock yourself out. But, when I see ballhawks sneaking around and trying to avoid the ushers seeing them it bothers me a bit. There is only one reason to sneak around and that is that the person knows they are doing something that they shouldn’t be. I hear people use the argument that the owners are worth billions. Well, the owners of WalMart are worth billions too and you can’t just go into sone of their stores and take goods. I hear that the “players give them away”. Yeah, I give candy away at Halloween, but that doesn’t give some snot nosed brat the right to come in my house and help himself to some Snickers bars anytime he sees fit.
    Big Glove Bob

    • mlblogscountingbaseballs

      If its allowed at various parks then what’s the big deal? If a supervisor at a certain walmart allowed shoplifting, people would do it. Likewise, if a ballpark allows fans to reach onto the warning track or bullpen with a glove trick or cup trick why not do it?

      There’s only a handful of parks where its not allowed. The only park I’ve had a problem with is Nationals Park.

      Rangers ballpark encourages fans to do it. PNC Park allows it. Cleveland allows it – they’ve seen me leaning over railings in the bullpens. Baltimore allows it. Most fan friendly parks allow it.

      If the snot nosed kid paid your salary, you probably wouldn’t mind if he took an extra Snickers bar. I have invested thousands of dollars in tickets. 90% of players are cool about it and don’t care. They usually watch. I usually don’t do the glove trick unless the ball is unattended at the warning track. Its not like I’m racing a player for a ball, trying to snatch it from the field before he walks over to retrieve it. Its never like that.

  2. mlblogsbigglovebob

    Erik, If it is allowed than I have no issue with it. I think it would be fun to be at a park like AT&T where people have fishing nets and lightbulb changers and it is all permitted. But, I think probably less than half the parks are device friendly. Which parks are device friendly might make a good blog entry. I just don’t believe in sneaking around in the parks that do not allow it.
    Big Glove Bob

  3. joeyorr4

    Ah baseball games are officially back. It looks like Jim did a good job with your glove.

  4. Paul Ellis

    Thats really cool i have a few gloves i used i little league i would love to get fixed, and the 50 flat rate is pretty good. He should advertise more how did you find out about the site?

  5. mlblogswewill1992pirates

    Nice to see the glove back together. Oh and congrats to the Phillies on the 4-1 victory over a college team?

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