Ballhawking: Stadium Leaders

This post deals with the realm of ballhawking.  Using the database on, I decided to make a list of  ‘stadium owners,’ or the person that has snagged the most amount of baseballs at each ballpark.  There’s obviously probably some regulars that don’t document their baseballs – for example, I’m sure that someone has to have snagged more than 32 balls at Target Field –  they just haven’t become official yet.

Here’s the list:

Stadium Owners (mygameballs ID)
Angel Stadium of Anaheim – Rob McCoy 992 (bbshagger)
AT&T Park – Scott Mystery 40 (mysteryCA)
Busch Stadium – Wayne Peck 48 (waynepeck)
Chase Field – Zack Hample 73 (zackhample)
Citi Field – Zack Hample 363
Citizens Bank Park – Zack Hample 250
Comerica Park – Zack Hample 37
Coors Field – Rockpile Ranter 126 (ranter)
Dodger Stadium – Jose Mannywood 348 (mannywood)
Fenway Park – Zack Hample 43
Great American Ballpark – Rocco Sinisi 356 (roccosinisi)
Kauffman Stadium – Garrett Meyer 326 (garrett37)
Miller Park – Shawn Bosman 997 (shawn77)
Minute Maid Park – Donny Haltom 162 (dhaltom)
Nationals Park – Aaron King 386 (aaronk)
New Yankee Stadium – alexk  178
Oakland Coliseum – Rick Gold 721 (jqfc)
Oriole Park at Camden Yards – Zack Hample 495
PETCO Park – Leigh Barratt 569 (padreleigh)
PNC Park – Erik Jabs 1,155 (erikj)
Progressive Field – Erik Jabs 255
Rangers Ballpark in Arlington – Dirk Elliot 237 (ballguy)
Rogers Centre – Zack Hample 82
Safeco Field – Max Van Hollenbeke 140 (mvanholl)
Target Field – Zack Hample 32
Tropicana Field – Mike Calabro 106 (mike357)
Turner Field – Zack Hample 143
US Cellular Field – Rick Crowe 251 (onabounce)
Wrigley Field – Zack Hample 38

Current Stadium Owners Top 3:
1)  Erik Jabs 1,155 PNC Park
2)  Shawn Bosman 997 Miller Park
3)  Rob McCoy 992 Angel Stadium

Rather cool to see that I have the most balls snagged at any one current park.  Of course this doesn’t include old stadiums such as Shea or Yankee stadium.

Who owns your stadium? Is there someone that’s legendary that you know that doesn’t put their stats on mygameballs? You should tell them to get on that.

There’s only 43 days until opening day, and 10 days the first broadcasted game on MLB TV (Yankees vs Phillies), and 5 more days to win a Phillies shirt.



  1. Stephen

    Nicely done…so then if I run down to Miami the first week of the season, I can hold the record before Zack does?