Ballfields of PA: Dravosburg Ballfield

It’s been quite awhile since I blogged about any baseball fields in my area, but as I am blogging daily leading up to Opening Day, I figured I would continue this series sporadically.  I visited the ballfield in Dravosburg PA back in mid November, and am just getting around to blogging about it now.

When I first looked at the field on google maps, it looked like a good poke could land a ball in the Monongahela River.

However, you’d have to hit one over 400 feet in the air to do that.

The field features a scenic view of the Mansfield Bridge, which connects Dravosburg to McKeesport & Glassport.

Upon entering the field, I noticed a HUGE problem.  Do you see it?

Yeah, huge power lines running right over short stop.

Every hit I had passed through those lines, with a ball hitting a power line once.

Here’s a view of the backstop from the pitcher’s mound:

And here’s big problem #2:

Yes, that’s a waste treatment plant just a few dozen feet from fair territory.  How many foul balls do you think land in there?  A lot I’m guessing.  In fact, I played here once in 2009 with a friend and lost two balls that I fouled off into the sewage vats.

Anyhow, here’s the view looking in from deep left field:

And looked toward center field:

The dimensions of the field were about 300x330x300 from left to right, so it’s not like it should’ve been that challenging to hit a home run.

I took some big hacks

But all of my hits came up just short.  (can you see the ball in the picture below?)

I’m blaming it on the chilly weather, and a brisk wind blowing in from right field.  Also,  the fact that I got a haircut the previous day after 9 months could have mentally sapped my power.  Who knows.

In short, the only good thing about this field is the dimensions.  I would not recommend ever playing here.

Condition:  D
Dimensions: A
Location/Surrounding Area:  D (due to power lines and sewage plant)
Parking/Access: A

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68 days until Opening Day…

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  1. Jason

    This appears to be one of the dirtiest ballparks that you have toured recently. Try Moore Park in the City of Pittsburgh’s Brookline neighborhood. It is a decent ballpark within the city limits.