How to sell tickets on Stubhub

I have used the site stubhub to buy tickets in the past.  I’ve bought tickets for far below face value on the site.  Now that I’m a full season ticket holder for three different teams, I can’t attend every game, obviously.

So, I turned to stubhub to sell the tickets because it is the most used internet site to purchase tickets.  I was surprised at how easy it is to sell tickets.

Here’s a walkthrough if you’d like to consider selling your tickets on stubhub.  First, select the game or games you’d like to sell.  It’s really easy if you’re a season ticket holder, you can just check every box.  If you’re only attending several games, then leave those boxes unchecked as you will not want to sell them on stubhub.

The second step is to say if you have the tickets or not.  Since I don’t have my season tickets, I picked a time when I definitely knew I’d have them.

Also on this screen, you will need to type in the quantity of tickets you have, and their location.

Next, is the fun part – pricing your tickets.  Stubhub lets you see the average unsold ticket price along with the average sold ticket price in a box to to the right of the game each game.  It’s awesome.  Having that data is really helpful.

I would suggest listing your tickets competitively, especially is you’re like me and have tickets in the bleachers, where there’s lots of competition in terms of volume of tickets available in the same section on stubhub.

Another cool feature, is ‘See Your Payout.’  You can click it and a little drop down box will tell you exactly how much you’ll be paid after stubhub takes its commission.   You can easily edit the ticket price to get your desired net amount.

There is a lot of competition on stubhub among sellers.  To be competitive during weekday games, I would need to price my tickets for less than $10.  To break even on a ticket in the bleachers, I’d have to sell for $10.59.  But look what tickets go for on the first weekday game of the year:
There’s lots of tickets available for $4-$5.  And, I remember at the end of the year last year, many of those tickets cost less than $1.  I once bought tickets from Stubhub for 25 cents (which was like $5.50 or whatever after fees).  Still, that seller made nothing from those tickets.

That’s why stubhub can be great for buyers.  However, if it were a high demand game, the buyers would pay over face value.

Anyway, after setting prices, stubhub lets you choose if you want to be paid via check or paypal.  After submitting your credit card info so that your address can be verified, a summary screen comes up.  It is a list of every game that you listed along with the price, and your payout (what you’ll receive after fees)

If everything looks great, you just click list tickets and you’re done.

The only other thing that I’ll need to do is when the tickets arrive, I’ll simply need to type in the ticket barcode numbers into stubhub.  Stubhub will then deliver the tickets electronically to the buyer’s email address with the barcode generated on them.  I don’t need to worry about mailing any tickets, or leaving tickets at will call.  It’s great!

Its an easy to use site.  I just thought I’d spread the word.  I wish I would’ve attempted to use stubhub last year.

Only 69 more days until opening day…