#11 on 2011 Top 100 Blogs List

Recently, mlblogs released the top 100 blogs of 2011.  The rankings were based on the total number of visitors throughout the year.

I finished the year #11 on the list, which is pretty respectable.  I would’ve liked to crack the top 10, but now I have something to shoot for in 2012.  My blog does fairly well during the baseball season, for example, in April I was #3 for the month, May I was #7, June #7, July #5, August #8, and September #10.

The offseason months kill me though as I blog far less, which is in part why I’ve started blogging daily every day from now until opening day.

The complete list for the 2011 calendar year can be found HERE

You’ll find several other PNC Park ballhawks blogs there (Click their pictures to read their blogs).  There is Zac Weiss, who finished #61:

Nick Pelescak, who finished #77:

If you’re a ballhawk and would like to leave your blog link in the comments section, by all means feel free to.  I’m thinking of eventually compiling a master list of ballhawk blogs.

By the way, in case you’re wondering, the #1 blog in terms of view went to Zack Hample (in the yellow):

His blog captivated readers as he went to all 30 stadiums in 2011 and attended almost 140 games.

There are 73 more days until opening day…