Counting Down to Opening Day

I’ve been rather inactive the past couple months, blogging very sparingly.

Since the 2012 baseball season is just around the corner, I’ve decided to pick up my blogging content to head full steam into the season.  During the baseball season I usually would have around 200-300 readers per day, but that number has fallen drastically in the past couple months as folks have figured out that I’ve stopped blogging regularly.
Well, I’m going to start back up again.

Today is January 21st and from now until opening day, I hope to blog once a day.

This notice will serve as my first in a series of 75.  Yes, there are 75 days until opening day.  How am I going to come up with 75 different entries, well, check back tomorrow and see what I come up with!

1/21/12 – 75 more days until Opening Day.

I’m excited, Amy’s excited, Olivia is excited!