Ballfields of PA: South Allegheny

Take a look at the weird dimensions to this field:

Left Center field is the deepest field of all, and center field are about the exact same distance, 330 feet, making left center about 400 or so.  That’s no good for someone who hits exclusively to left center.   Also, all of those trees you see in the aerial are in a huge ravine, so make sure you don’t hit any foul balls here.

Here’s the view from right field:

And the ravine along the first base line:

A look at the dingy dugout:

And the backstop:

Left field, which you’ll notice gets real deep in a hurry headed out to left center:

And a view from the left field foul pole.

Donning my new Rickie Weeks shirt that I bought for $5, I took some swings.

I didn’t hit like Weeks though.

I hit one off of the fence, but no home runs today.

I wasn’t a fan of this field.  From the ravines on both foul lines, to the deep power alleys, to the weird layout, I just don’t see myself ever returning to play here.  One interesting note is that this school and this field groomed a major leaguer.  Maybe you’ve heard of him.

That’s right, Scott Seabol!  Seabol had one at bat in 2001 with the Yankees.  He then disappeared for awhile, before emerging in 2005 with the Cardinals where he hit .219 with 1 HR and 10 RBI in 105 at bats.  He played in the minor leagues until 2007, and then finished up his career in Japan, retiring after the 2009 season.  Although he didn’t stick in the minor leagues, he did hit 32 HR and hit .300 in 2007 with the Marlins’ AAA affiliate.

Condition:  C-
Dimensions: D
Location/Surrounding Area:  C (hate the ravine)
Parking/Access: A

In other news, this entry will be the last time you see my long hair.  Its gone.  I originally said I’d cut it when I reached 215 lbs, but that’s not happening, so I allowed myself to cut it when I was able to bench press 275 lbs.  Did that.  Hair cut.

Did some research going through pictures.  Last hair cut was in mid-march, here’s a pic that Amy took at Twin Lakes when we were Geocaching.
I let it grow for 8 full months, so the way I look at it, I saved myself about 4 haircuts, or $60, which… is a trip to Cleveland.

Check out my blog this week for updates from The Pirates Caravan, PNC Park season ticket holder indoor batting practice, Piratefest, me taking BP vs a professional pitcher, me buying season tickets to another team other than the Pirates, etc, etc.

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