Pirates 2012 Game Times and Promotions

The Pirates recently sent out a flyer to season ticket holders with game times and promotions for the 2012 season.  The game schedule is more ballhawk friendly than last year in my opinion.  Here’s a month by month breakdown of the year.
Starting with April:

Pretty standard stuff here.  A Thursday opening day at 1:35 just like last year.  The only thing not to like is that April 25th game that I will not be able to attend due to work.  There’s not a lot of home games in April, but May makes up for it:

There are 18 home dates in May.  Luckily, there is only one weekday afternoon game – on May 23rd vs the Mets.  Yes, there’s also that Memorial 1:35 day against the Reds, but I’m off that day, so I’ll be able to go to it.  Additionally, it follows a day game, so there’s likely to be batting practice that day.

On to June:

There’s only 9 home games during the month of June, and they are all against American League teams.  One date that is different than usual is a 4:05 Saturday game against the Tigers.  This is great because it means the game will end around 7 PM – which means there will likely be batting practice the next day.  Since there’s so very few home games during June, expect to see me in Baltimore of Cleveland during the week of the 11th.


July features another 4:05 Saturday game!  That’s good news. It also has a 1:35 July 4th game.  That’s bad for ballhawking because there’s a night game the day before, making batting practice unlikely on that day.  Also, an annoying 12:35 weekday game against the Cubs.  Blah.


August is packed with 17 games.  Most notably, the Pirates did the ballhawks a favor and scheduled August 9th and August 16th games for 4:05 instead of 12:35.  Usually get away days during the week were 12:35 starts.  So, August looks to be a great month.

Finally, September and October are combined here:

There’s 15 dates here, with several afternoon games sprinkled throughout.  Most annoyingly, the final game of the year is on Wednesday October 3rd at 12:35, meaning I likely won’t be able to attend unless I take a personal day.

For those of you that love the Pirates promotions here is a run down of what you can expect to receive at the gates in 2012:
Thu 4/5 – Opening Day, Magnetic Schedule
Sat 4/7 – Fireworks
Sun 4/8 – Kids Pirates Build a Bear Doll
Fri 4/20 – Free Shirt Friday
Sat 4/21 – Pirates Umbrella
Sun 4/22 – Earth Day & Kids Recycled Cap
Fri 5/4 – Free Shirt Friday
Sat 5/5 – Fireworks
Sun 5/6 – Kids Ceramic Bowl
Fri 5/11 – Free Shirt Friday
Sat 5/12 – Joel Hanrahan All Star Bobblehead
Sun 5/13 – Kids Neil Walker Jersey/Mom’s Neil Walker Pink Jersey
Fri 5/25 – Free Shirt Friday
Sat 5/26 – Fireworks
Sun 5/27 – Kids Andrew McCutchen Camo Jersey
Fri 6/8 – Free Shirt Friday
Sat 6/9 – Post Game Concert
Sun 6/10 – Kids Sunglasses
Fri 6/22 – Free Shirt Friday
Sat 6/23 – Replica Cap
Sun 6/24 – Kids Pirates Braided Necklace
Fri 7/6 – Free Shirt Friday
Sat 7/7 – Fan Jam featuring Daughtry
Sun 7/8 – Kids Pierogi Inner Tube
Fri 7/20 – Free Shirt Friday
Sat 7/21 – Fireworks
Sun 7/22 – Pirates Visor
Fri 8/10 – Free Shirt Friday
Sat 8/11 – Skyblast
Sun 8/12 – Kids Back to School Lunch Bag
Fri 8/24 – Free Shirt Friday
Sat 8/25 – Fireworks
Sun 8/26 – Pirates Gym Bag
Fri 9/7 – Free Shirt Friday
Sat 9/8 – Fireworks
Sun 9/9 – Kids Fathead Jr Wall Decals
Fri 9/28 – Free Shirt Friday
Sat 9/29 – Skyblast / 2013 Magnetic Schedule

There you go.  Your 2012 game times and promotional schedule resource.