Ballfields of PA: Thomas Jefferson

Amy and Olivia joined me recently for another trip to a local baseball field.  This time, we visited Thomas Jefferson’s baseball field in Jefferson Hills PA.  The field is hidden, off of a small road behind Jefferson elementary school.

I was concerned at first that it could be locked up and unavailable for public use.

Luckily, it’s open to the public.  The parking lot is up on a small hill overlooking the field.  Here’s the view from our car:

It looked pretty well maintained, despite baseball being out of season for awhile now.  Here’s a few shots from around the field.

Let’s begin with the view from home plate:

The field was built so that the batter has to look directly into the sun.  We were there about an hour before sunset, and it was really bothersome – and I was just throwing the ball up and hitting it.  I suppose it wouldn’t matter if you were playing here in the early afternoon when the sun is higher in the sky, but closer to dusk – bring sunglasses.

I was a fan of the dimensions of this park.  It was 310 feet down the left field line, with about a ten foot high fence the whole way around.

Left center field was 350′ and center field was 365.’  Right field was also 310.  A shot from the left field foul pole looking towards center:

And looking in towards home plate:

The field reminded me of a field that I had played on several times in the past two years with the Pelescak brothers – a softball field located behind a church in South Fayette.  The dimensions, the parking lot up on a hill, the trees behind the fences.  It felt similar.  One difference is that there is a small football practice field behind left field here, so if a home run is hit to left, you’ll be able to retrieve it easily.

After taking a few pictures of the field, I handed the camera off to Amy and Olivia and emptied out a bag of 20 baseballs.  I just tossed them up and hit them, as Amy prefers to hold Olivia rather than putting her in a stroller or carrier.

My swing was badly off today.  I kept hitting line drive after line drive and couldn’t get the ball elevated often.

I had been to the gym the previous day, so my arms still felt like jelly.

Speaking of the gym, never ever take GNC amp amplified wheybolic extreme 60 in Fruit Punch flavor.  It is the most disgusting tasting, foul drink you can imagine.  The after-taste is dreadful.  Chocolate is the only way to go.  I’ve been waiting for the past month to get rid of that crap.   Back to the field…

Amy took great photos as usual.

But I let her down by failing to hit any home runs.

I thought my last swing of the day produced a home run – it was just a question of fair or foul.

It stayed fair, but clanged off the fence.  Oh well.

Condition:  A-
Dimensions: A
Location/Surrounding Area:  B+ (for sun and some weeds along the third base line)
Parking/Access: A

Maybe being a TJ resident has something to do with it, but I liked it here.

I’m a bit behind on blogging.  I’ll have entries up soon from three fields I recently visited:  Clairton, West Field (Homestead Grays Field) and South Fayette.

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