Happy Halloween

The baseball season is over, so I’ll use the blog from time to time to blog about non-baseball stuff in the offseason.  With that said, Happy Halloween!

A couple weeks ago, the family went to Schramm’s farm in Penn Trafford area to pick out a pumpkin to carve:
After walking up and down rows and rows of pumpkins,

and analyzing stems, shape, weight, and color, Amy and I chose this one:

A 40 pound pumpkin.  It was perfect, until a mishap that happened shortly after we purchased it, causing the stem to snap off.

Anyhow, Olivia had a front row seat to her first ever pumpkin carving:

Apparently she had grown quite fond of that pumpkin, so when I started to cut into it with a knife,

she couldn’t bare to watch.

After cutting into the pumpkin

and cleaning out all of the guts and seeds

it was time to decide on a carving.

I wanted to do something awesome.  Like this carving of Progressive Field in Cleveland:

Or a Pirates logo or name, like this person did with their team, the Yankees:
Alas, despite taking art in college as one of my elective classes, I just didn’t possess the talent, time, or resources to create a masterpiece.

I had thought about making the Pirates ‘P’ logo, but ran into a stumbling block about how to keep the negative space in the center of the P in place without it falling.  (Come to think of it, I probably could’ve done it.  I would’ve used some large paper clips.  Maybe next year)
After some time of indecision, Olivia became restless and started taunting me to make up my mind.

So, I cut out some eyes, a nose, and a creepy smile and came up with this:

Here it is from a creepier angle:

As for Halloween itself, we stayed inside and handed out candy to the neighborhood kids.  Our total count for kids was 13 for the whole trick or treating session.  Lame.  Amy and I were disappointed.

And, I was handing out unopened packs of 1990 Donruss baseball cards in addition to candy.

When asked if she like Halloween, Olivia just gave me a “What do you think?” look.  Didn’t know how to interpret that.

Anyways, Happy Halloween.