Ballfields of PA: Peterswood Park, Peters Twp.

Amy, Olivia and I were making our way out to Simmons Farm in McMurray PA, when we drove past a baseball field.  Amy said, “There’s a nice baseball field right there.  I used to be in the park all the time when I was a kid.”  So, we had to turn around.

It is located just off of Bebout road in Peters Township.  Here’s a view from above courtesy of google maps:

As you can see, the field is rather large, with a smaller little league field behind the right field wall.  There’s also woods along the first base line, and a hill along the third baseline, so it’s location isn’t ideal because many foul balls will get lost here.

This is the view once we parked.

The fence was maybe 8 feet high, with a yellow ‘line’ on top to help distinguish home run balls.  Nice touch.

Walking in, it the field was clearly well maintained, even in the middle of October.

A view from left towards center:

And from just past third base:

From home plate:

And a panorama:

Everything was kept in tidy, well maintained shape, even the dugouts looked good.

What else would you expect from Peters Twp though?  The average median house value is $334,000 there according to

As for the dimensions of the field, left field is somewhat challenging at 315 feet, complete with a nice high foul pole:

Center field is 360:

And right field is only 300, but has about a 16 foot high wall to offset its’ shallowness.

It was time to try out the field.  I had about 15 baseballs with me and got to work.  After hitting a shallow pop up to left field on my first swing, my next send a ball off of the top of the wall on the fly.

Amy got some great shots of my hits, despite juggling a camera and Olivia.  Check it out:

Here’s another great shot.  See the ball?

When all was said and done, I had hit two completely over the fence on the fly, and two off the fence in the air.  A half dozen fell in front of the fence short, but that’s to be expected, as I didn’t have a pitcher to throw to me, thereby supplying more power.

Here I am picking up the second of the two homers I hit:

After that, we got into the car and headed to Simmons Farm.  Altogether, we were at the field maybe 15-20 minutes.

Condition:  A+
Dimensions: A+
Location/Surrounding Area: C
Parking/Access: A+

I love the dimensions of the outfield here.  If I ever built a park, I would probably make it 315 feet to left as well.  It’s challenging to hit a home run, but not impossible.  The tarp in center field as a batter’s eye is a nice touch. The only drawback of this field is it’s poorly situated near woods, so you had better bring lots of baseballs if you’re going to take batting practice here, because you’re likely to lose a few.


Anyway, Olivia was ready to get going.  Here’s her giving me the, “Let’s get going” look.

And finally a couple pictures from Simmons Farm:

Here we are after making it out of a 5 acre corn maze.

Headed across a pumpkin patch:

Walking towards a bon-fire:

Warming our feet by the fire:

Look for my next baseball field visit soon.

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