Ballfields of PA – Wylie Park, Elizabeth PA

With the 2011 ballhawking season basically over for me, I have nothing to blog about, so I decided to do a series of entries about ballfields around western PA.

The first of which is Wylie Park in Elizabeth PA.

Wylie Park is the home of the Elizabeth Forward High School baseball team, and wasn’t that hard to find, its just off of Route 51 in a sort of run down neighborhood.

When Amy, Olivia and I pulled up to the field, I noticed that it appeared to be completely surrounded by a fence, and I thought that we might not get access to the field, but there was a fence that was open, so in we went.

The field obviously hadn’t been used in awhile, since baseball season has been over for several months.  The grass was high.

This is the view of the field from right field:

Looking across the outfield from right field towards center field:

Behind the outfield fence was a run down playground that was overgrown, an empty basketball court, and a dilapidated tennis court.

As I approached the infield, things looked a little better.  A baseball field is a baseball field after all.  The fencing looked like it was in good shape, and the backstop had an overhang so that foul balls wouldn’t get repeatedly lost.

The dugouts looked a bit crappy:

And then there was this:

And overgrown bleachers:

I brought a bag of baseballs and decided to step into the box and take about 15 swings.  This was the view looking out to left field:

And center field:

There is a six foot high fence in left field and a twelve foot high fence from left center all the way around to right field.  Unfortunately, with my 15 swings, I failed to go yard, but it’s been awhile since I hit and I was at the gym earlier pushing heavy weight which really seemed to slow my swing down.

So, the field does present somewhat of a challenge to hit a home run.

The dimensions are 308 feet to left field,

a deep 422 feet to center field,

and 316 to right field.

In summary, the field is not in great condition, but would be a plausible place to take batting practice at or hold a home run derby.  Some fields are ridiculously hard to hit home runs, and others are way to easy, and I would rate this in the middle.

My ratings:
Condition:  D
Dimensions: A-
Location/Surrounding Area: C
Parking/Access: B (park on street by right field fence)

Check back for more reviews of local baseball fields as Amy, Olivia and I come to a field near you…



  1. Emac

    You should do boyce mayview field in upper saint clair. Hands down the nicest field i have every played on.