Wash out

This was the scene at 4PM at PNC Park today on this beautiful Friday.

Think there was batting practice?  Obviously not.  But how brave is that dude that crosses the street half way through in his work clothes.  Really.

I left at 5PM and didn’t even attempt to enter the stadium to get baseballs.  Nick Pelescak also left, and only Zac Weiss had the determination to go gut out a non-bp day, but he is sticking to his goal of snagging 128 balls this year.  The rain out hurts my newest goal of snagging 413 balls in 2011 (which would be my second best single season mark).  Also suffering is Nick’s goal to remain in 3rd place on mygameballs.

Everything has gone wrong this year at PNC Park.  I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if there is no batting practice tomorrow.  I will be taking the rest of the homestand off.

I may make one appearance on Tuesday, as Zack Hample will be in town, and the PNC Park single game record of 16 will be on the line.

As for the game, I saw that Joel Hanrahan blew an 8-8 game by giving up 3 runs in the ninth.  If we have to lose, at least its the anti-ballhawk Joel Hanrahan getting the loss.  Pack your bags bum, your season has been in steady decline, and take your disciple Chris Reslop, I mean Resop, with you.


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  1. mlblogswewill1992pirates

    I was shivering by the time the game started and I left soon after as I did not want to get sick, and somehow I ended up with three baseballs. So a good decision to come in and a must as it got me closer to reaching my goals.