8-17-11 PNC Park

What a frustrating batting practice.

I started the day on fire, snagging three balls in one minute.

The first was a ground rule double that Nick Pelescak had tip off his glove.  He deflected it into the air, and I caught it about two rows behind him.

Moments later, Steve Pearce hit a home run that landed in the wheelchair seats and settled right up against the railing.  I scaled over the bleachers and reached in and grabbed it barehanded for ball #2.

My third ball was a Steve Pearce home run that I got to a second before Nick here.

After that, I had a terrible batting practice of my life.  The Pirates left the field at 5:02, and I didn’t snag anything else the rest of the day.  I would’ve had a fourth ball, but as I was in the process of glove tricking it, this ****** used his broom to knock it out of my glove and tried to ‘roll it up the wall.’

It’s impossible to roll a ball up the wall anyway because there’s a six inch indentation under the padding.  A minute later, Jaime Garcia came over and picked up the ball and threw it back in.

To make matters worse, he was painted with Joel Hanrahan’s #52.  Dude, wear a shirt – or go to the gym.

Game: 3 balls (3 hit)
Season: 349 balls (145 hit, 73 thrown, 83 device, 48 found)
Games: 66 games
Career: 1,471 balls
Attendance: 22,296