I haven’t posted anything in over a week – for good reason.  Amy and I welcomed our daughter into the world – and it was truly amazing – the best day of my life.

Olivia is a perfect little healthy baby – and she has red hair!  When I was about one year old I had red hair, but it lightened to blonde.  My grandpap had red hair as well.    It was a pleasant surprise.

Here’s a few pictures:
10 minutes old:

Sleeping in her daddy’s arms the next morning:

A few days later, at home:

Sleeping in her Daddy’s arms again.

Because of the birth of our daughter, I didn’t attend the Pirates games on Wednesday and Thursday.  We were in the hospital all day on those days, so once Friday came, I went home to get a shower and get a few things, as we wouldn’t be discharged until Saturday evening (I’d skip that game as well).

So, since I was going back to Pittsburgh to our house, I stopped by PNC Park for one hour and attended batting practice.  I got three balls.  The first was thrown by Alex Presley, then I glove tricked two balls and that was it.

I’ve been spending most of my time relaxing at home with Amy and our baby.  However, the field next to my house keeps its lights on after dark, so I get to play baseball every day now.  I’ve just been taking some swings and hitting balls, and collecting them, but still – its like my field of dreams.

Game: 3 balls (1 thrown, 2 device)
Season: 325 balls (139 hit, 68 thrown, 78 device, 40 found)
Games: 62 games
Career: 1,447 balls


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