7-29-11 Progressive Field

Back in beautiful Cleveland.
Amy and I had just moved into our brand new house.  Having just spent $187k, taking a trip to Cleveland probably wasn’t a good idea.  It turns out it wasn’t.

For some reason Gate C didn’t open, and the opening gate had been moved to Rally Alley.

I found this out when I walked over to buy two tickets and saw the regular security guards all set up and ready to go.  Luckily, there were two lines, and the people that were there formed only one, so I started the second line.

I was first into the right field seats and had the place to myself for at least one or two full minutes, but there wasn’t a single ball to be found.  Apparently there had been no early batting practice, possibly because a threat of thunderstorms existed a bit earlier in the afternoon.

After being shut out for more than a half our, and growing more irritated by my choice to come to Cleveland by the minute, I eventually snagged a home run in the second row – in front of the fan wearing the Choo jersey:

My second ball was hit by a random Indian into the trees in center field, and I ran over and grabbed it without needing the Cleveland Stick.

Another ball just missed going into the trees in Heritage Park, bouncing off of the railing and landing in the bullpen, right up against the wall.  Here I am snagging it with the glove trick for ball #3:

My 4th and final ball of the day was a clean catch in center field from an unidentified Royal, but it ended a rash of close calls and ridiculous miscues.  I had a ball deflected by a fan two rows in front of me, that cost me a clean catch and hit me square in the knee – a ball that I actually kicked away from myself when I was just about to pick it up – a guy dive on the ground and snatch a ball in a scrum leaving my finger bloodied, an overthrow from Joaquin Soria that was clearly intended for me but sailed three rows over me head, and multiple balls that were either a few rows short or too deep.

I considered four balls to be very poor for today, because of all the close calls.

Whatever, I was planning on going to Cleveland Saturday but am going to spend that time doing house stuff with Amy.

After batting practice, Amy and I salvaged the trip by eating at Zocalo restaurant in Cleveland.

Game: 4 balls (3 hit, 1 device)
Season: 316 balls (136 hit, 67 thrown, 73 device, 40 found)
Games: 59 games
Career: 1,438 balls
Attendance: 35,390