7-25-11 Progressive Field

I attended a game on Monday with Pittsburgh Ballhawk Nick Pelescak in Cleveland.  We got there early and watched several Indians take early batting practice.
Progressive FIeld
We watched and took notes on where nine or ten balls had landed, then watched in horror as a Progressive Field worker entered the stands with his blue lunch cooler.  He acted like he was helping by throwing one ball back onto the field (with a very feminine, girly style) and kept the rest for himself.

After BP he left, and Nick and I caught up with him near Heritage Park, where you the only thing between the outside and the park is a large gate.  I asked him for a ball and he obliged, but tossed it over my head.  Before I could go and pick up the ball on the street behind me, Nick had quickly darted after the ball and grabbed it, so I was left to wait for the gates to open to try to snag a ball.

I found my first ball in center field, and then used the Cleveland Stick to snag ball #2:
(Video coming soon!)

Since there wasn’t much action on the field yet, I systematically went up and down every row, and eventually found ball #3 waiting for me in a seat, three rows back.  There was a couple sitting in the row in front of it, completely oblivious to the ball that was tucked in the chair behind them.

My fourth ball was a clean catch behind a group of teenagers that nearly foiled my snag by flailing at the ball.  Luckily they didn’t deflect it.

My fifth ball was a glove trick ball from the visitor’s bullpen that I snagged at the end of Indians’ batting practice.

The Angels then came up.  They were heavily right handed, and it showed in my stats.  I got completely shut out the entire time, until 6PM rolled around when I ran over to left field and found ball #6 about twelve rows up, then caught a home run on the fly here:

At 6:03 the Angels ran off the field, bringing an end to batting practice.

Game: 7 balls (2 hit, 2 device, 3 found)
Season: 312 balls (133 hit, 67 thrown, 72 device, 40 found)
Games: 58 games
Career: 1,434 balls
Attendance: 19,384