7-22-11 PNC Park

It seemed to be a really nice day today, until a pop up thunderstorm hit at 4:30.

I had been down on the riverwalk waiting for home runs to bounce out, since the Pirates had been hitting when it started pouring.  By the time Amy and I got back up to the center field gate, we were soaked.

Amy had to work, so I told her goodbye, that I was going to leave and come back at the end of the game to pick her up.

Then I changed my mind.  I was hoping on finding a few balls in the bleachers since the Pirates had been hitting.  And, I made it to the bleachers at least sixty seconds before any other ballhawk, as there was a group of people between myself and the next closest ballhawk.  It didn’t matter.  Any balls that were in the bleachers had been there were long gone, and of course there was no batting practice, despite it being really nice once the gates opened.

I watched closely as the Cardinals warmed up in right field.

I watched closely as the Cardinals warmed up in right field.  I watched as Lance Lynn overthrew his thowing partner and the ball ended up in the seats.  His partner let the ball go, and the ushers didn’t seem to notice it, so I just kept my eye on that spot until 5:30 rolled around.

In the meantime, Herbie Andrade hooked up every single person that asked for a ball except for me.  He hates me because I change shirts.  Little did he know that everyone he gave a ball to does the same thing, so I was faced with ratting them out too, begging for a ball or moving on.  I choose to just get the Lynn ball, so when the rest of the stadium opened I ran directly to where the ball should be, except it wasn’t where I saw it hit, it was actually in the handicapped section.  So I hopped the railing and grabbed it for ball #1 here:

Content with one ball, I spent the next hour and a half helping Amy.

As for the game, the Pirates lost, thanks to an abysmal first inning.

And it was packed.

Jam packed.

Around the seventh inning, I remembered that I had signed up for a catch on the field session tonight.  I had totally forgotten about it and didn’t have a partner, so I asked Nick Pelescak if he wanted to do it.  He agreed – so after the game, we were allowed on the field for a good twenty minutes to throw.

The Pirates reps gave me a ball to use – it wasn’t an MLB ball – it was a Rawlings ball with a Pirates logo on it.  It felt like a training ball that the Washington Nationals use.  I decided not to count it in my stats.

In the meantime, Amy punched out and returned to take a few videos of Nick and I throwing.  So if you have a few minutes and want to watch them, here you go:

Video #1:

Me robbing home runs (That background music is God-awful):

Nick Pelescak robbing home runs:

Catch on the field #2:

Some long tossing from bullpen to near third base:

The last two minutes before we were told to leave:

Game: 1 ball (1 found)
Season:  296 balls (128 hit, 63 thrown, 70 device, 35 found)
Games: 55 games
Career:  1,418 balls
Attendance : 38,940 (sellout)