7-18-11 PNC Park

I was ready to get back into ballhawking this homestand, however, a rain cloud moved by the stadium.

There was some lightning off in the distance, but it never rained.

So, of course, the tarp came out and BP was over before the gates opened.

The ushers had picked up every ball from the Pirates BP.  Every one.

I walked around and asked some ushers if they had found any baseballs, hoping they’d give me one.

No luck.

The Reds came out and threw, but they wrapped it up for the most part before 5:30, when the rest of the stadium opened.

I had a good spot for the lone ball still in play at 5:30, but Bronson Arroyo tossed it to a 14 year old who appeared out of nowhere right next to me, and called out for it at the exact right time.

At least there was good music playing.

It eventually did rain, a bit after 6 PM, which would’ve given both teams more than enough time to hit.

That was the first rain delay.

There was a second delay in the first inning

My strategy was to ask Heberto Andrade for a ball between innings.  Andrade warms up outfielders in between innings, and then takes the balls back in with him to the bullpen.  Pirates outfielders don’t throw up balls every inning like the used to thanks to what happened a couple weeks ago in Texas.

Andrade turned me down every time.

How many times should you ask a player for a ball?  It gets old.  Its stupid.  Andrade hates me because he saw me in opposing teams uniforms.  Twice.  The first was with Diamondbacks gear in early June, and then about 10 days later he saw me in Cleveland with Indians gear on and shouted ‘What the f***!”   I haven’t gotten a ball from him since, but he has made sure to hook up fellow ballhawk Nick with a ball almost every day, almost to punish me for changing uniforms.  I guess he’s never seen Nick change.

I gave up on Andrade and just waited until the end of the game.  I have a very special person that could hook me up, and I just needed to wait for her to wrap up at her post.  After she disappeared into PNC Park she emerged with a ball.

And here it is.   One ball to show for hours and hours of time at the ballpark.

Game: 1 ball1 (1 thrown)
Season:  292 balls (128 hit, 62 thrown, 68 device, 34 found)
Games: 53 games
Career:  1,414 balls
Attendance : 22,016