Baby Watch I

Amy had a medical scare and it ended with us staying overnight in the hospital on Monday night.

I slept in a chair next to her bed, it was so uncomfortable, but she said I slept like a baby.  It helped that our baby’s heart beat echoed throughout the room all night.  It had a rather soothing effect.

The doctor came in the next morning and said everything was fine, but ordered another ultra sound to check up on the baby and see how close she is to being born.

We had that ultrasound today, and she weighs 6 lbs 15 oz right now (1 oz under 7 lbs) and they are projecting her to be born July 28, which is much earlier than the August 15 date that our doctor gave us at the last check up.

My guess is the baby will be born on July 26th.

Anyway, the technician was taken aback by how much hair she has.  She said that it was making it difficult to get an accurate reading on her head size.

It’s time to start getting excited, she could come at any time.

She also really had a nice grip on her umbilical cord:

She’s going to be an athlete.  Amy said she was getting ready to play baseball soon, practicing her grip to get ready to grip the bat.
They also had the technology to use 3D imaging to show us our baby.  Here’s what it looked like.  Remember, any slight movements will distort the imaging, so these aren’t 100% accurate, but give you a pretty good idea:

Check out those fingers.  The technician said she had long fingers.  She takes after me I guess.

If you’ve never seen an ultrasound video, they’re pretty cool.  Here’s a 2D one of her:  Keep in mind that she’s laying on her left side, and her face is pressed up against the womb, but you can see her moving her mouth, and opening her eyes.  We also watched her practicing breathing.  So cool.

She’s got Amy’s nice big lips.

And, a 3D video:

What’s the record for the youngest fan ever to snag a major league baseball?  I wonder if she’ll break it…