6-7-11 PNC Park

Tough day.

Got shut out for the first half hour.

At 5:29, I went over to snag a ball in foul territory that was just sitting along the railing.  Right when I went over to snag it, Xavier Nady hit another ball that rolled right up against the wall.

Nick Pelescak also was apparently going for the same ball(s), and it turned into a big unnecessary race.  Knowing that Nick is in an all out war to hang onto #3 on mygameballs (against the Baltimore Ballhawks), I realized that I had to hustle in order to avoid a shut out.

In my haste, I slammed my left hand off of a railing hard.  I caught my middle finger and bent it awkwardly to the side.  As I sit here the next morning, I still can not make a fist, or use my left hand.  It’s pretty aggravating.  If I could go back, I’d gladly trade the balls I snagged today and take a shutout to be at 100% full health.

Anyhow, I was able to grab the Xavier Nady ball, and Nick got the other one.  The ball was career ball #1,300.

The only other ball I snagged today was a home run in center field that was misplayed by another ballhawk and bounced to me.  I don’t know who hit it.

I left immediately after batting practice to go put an offer in on a house that Amy and I like.

Game:  2 balls (2 hit)
Season:  179 balls (67 hit, 40 thrown, 47 device, 23 found)
Games: 30 games
Average:  5.97 balls per game
Career:  1,301 balls
Attendance: 12,378