Ballhawkings Best Prize

The 2010 Season was a fantastic year for me.  I broke the single season record by snagging 544 baseballs, and was voted the Ballhawk of the Year (link) by fellow ballhawks.

The greastest snag of the 2010 baseball season wasn’t any particular baseball though, it was Amy.

She worked at PNC Park and would routinely watch me ballhawk from her position.  After batting practice she would come up and chat with me.  She told me the first time she saw me was Opening Day 2010, when I went sprinting right by her with Nick close behind.  Throughout the year, I used to briefly chat with her after batting practice every game that she worked.

In late August we exchanged phone numbers and things took off from there.  By September 21 we were dating, and several weeks later we got our own place together.  We have been literally inseperable since.

On October 10, 2010 in Cincinnati, she was there with me, supporting my quest for 544 baseballs:

100_4596.JPGIn November, I surprised her with a trip to Cape May, her childhood vacation spot.

100_4998.JPGIt was freezing, but it was our first time at the beach together. 

100_4903.JPGShe went with me to three different Dave Matthews Band concerts.  Including the Charlottesville shows.  Here were are exploring the mountains of Charlottesville during the day before one of the concerts.

Untitled2.jpgChristmas was amazing.

100_6193.JPGAmy makes every day fun, and always makes me laugh. 

100_6132.JPGShe loves going on trips and adventures.  We’ve done so much in the almost 7 months that we’ve been together.

100_5573.JPGThe big news I have is that Amy and I are going to be parents.

Baby pic 3.jpgOur baby is due at the beginning of August, and we both can’t wait to welcome our baby into this world.  We are both extremely excited!  That sonogram is from the end of December.  Hopefully I’ll have a new, recent one soon to share.



  1. mattgingras

    That’s awesome man, congratulations! Looks like everything is going really well for you.

  2. baseballexperiences

    Congrats man on the great year all around, and good luck with being a parent. Looks like PNC will have a generation of ballhawks to come. I know I said I was going to go to pitt this coming weekend, but now I’ll be in pitt the 7th and 8th of may, hopefully you and nick will be there and not in cleveland or something.


    Hey I just stumbled on your blog today and found this article. Can’t believe how many balls you’ve collected. I worked at a AAA team in Sacramento for a year and snuck about 50 balls out of the stadium that season. Donated them to my old high school team.

    Anyway, congrats on being a dad soon. My wife and I will be having our first in June.

  4. Section86

    Congratulations to both of you on the news! Hopefully within a year or two you will be able to show your baby how great baseball is 🙂
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