Disguising your Baseballs

Some of you may have a space problem when it comes to having too many baseballs.  After snagging 544 in 2010, I have amassed over 1,000 baseballs, and really don’t have any where to put them at. 

I ended up filling up three and a half large garbage cans, but they are an eyesore.

Here’s what I ended up doing with three of the garbage cans:

Step one: 
Place a garbage can filled with baseballs next to your bed, a couch, or chair.
Step two:
Place plastic bags over the top of the balls in order to create a more flat, even surface.
68787687768768 (1).jpg
Step three:
Place a wooden table top cut out over the balls and bags, making sure it is stable and not wobbly:
68787687768768 (2).jpg
Step four:
Cover the garbage can with fabric:
68787687768768 (3).jpg
Step five:
Place items on the garbage can, thereby creating an end table or night stand.
68787687768768 (4).jpg
My mom gets credit for coming up with this idea.  After my recent divorce I needed a creative way to store the baseballs since I’m in a smaller apartment now rather than a big house.



  1. 333greystreet

    Michael – Thanks. You’ll have a good time at Cooperstown. Summer is probably the best time to go.