11-30-10 PNC Park

I was invited to a season ticket holder event at PNC Park tonight. 

However, first we headed to the zoo to spend the final day of my Thanksgiving break.
Since I don’t live as close to Pittsburgh anymore, the plan was to go to the zoo for a few hours, and then head over to PNC Park for a batting practice event.

I hadn’t been to the zoo in years, probably not since 2000.

Afterwards, I was really happy with how I hit.
100_5887.JPGWe then made our way over to the Pirates clubhouse, where I checked out the Pirates bathroom:
and ate some food in the Pirates locker room:
We peeked in the Pirates weight room:
and trainer’s room:

it was then time to go,
not sure when the next time I’ll be back at PNC Park will be…


  1. wewill1992

    That was what I was asking. At worst case if your connection continues to suck. I am sure that Nick and I could take care of next season’s BHL.

  2. dodgerfilms

    That’s really cool. Did you have to pay anything extra for that or did they simply invite season ticket holders? I’m a Dodgers season ticket holder and I wish they did stuff like that. I mean, they do, or did at least, but it was $500 each (you did get to take BP on the field, though).