Single Season Record Within Reach?

Through 69 games, I have snagged 453 baseballs.  I’ve been blessed with good fortune this season, and I may have a chance at the single season record of 543 baseballs set by Zack Hample in 2008.

I still have a long way to go.

I will likely attend six or seven more games in August, and probably only ten in September due to coaching obligations. 

I’d like to attend Sunday games, but without batting practice, it’s tough to get a ball, and I’m cautious to jeopardize my consecutive games streak that I have.

There’s also a possibility that I may attend a couple games in October during the last weekend of the season, and maybe a Reds playoff game or two if they can hold off the Cardinals.

So, basically I need 90 balls in 16 games.  That’s 5.6 balls per game – slightly less than my average per game for the 2010 season, but still a challenging number nonetheless.

Other records that I have a slim chance at attaining are games attended, which is 88 – set by Milwaukee’s Happy Youngster in 2000, and balls in one month, which is 138 – set by Zack Hample in August of 2008.

You can read more about Zack Hample and Happy Youngster in their blogs, linked by clicking on their names.

In other news, this blog ranked #9 on mlblogs for the month of July – thank you to everyone that has checked in over the past month.
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