8-16-10 PNC Park

Today kicked off a 10 game homestand at PNC Park.

When Nick Pelescak and I ran in at 5 PM, some ushers were coming out of the bleachers and said “There’s a bunch of balls in there.” 

I found balls #1 and 2 in the left field bleachers.  The first one was in the front row of Section 136 and the other one was about four rows back closer towards the foul pole.

Ball # was hit by Neil Walker.  It was a home run that landed in the crosswalk area, bounced off the white facade of the upper bleachers,
8-16-10 (1).JPG
and right into my glove in the third row in the lower bleachers.  I heard Jeff Karstens murmur, “Got the rebound.”
Ball #4 and 5 were caught in this area, both off the bat of Lastings Milledge.
8-16-10 (2).JPG
Game:  10 balls ( 3 hit, 1 thrown, 2 device, 4 found )
Season:  441 balls (224 hit, 96 thrown, 61 device, 60 found)
Balls in the month of August:  90
Games: 67 games
Average:  6.58 balls per game
2010 Game Balls: 5
Career:  1,019 balls
Streak:  163 consecutive games attended with at least 1 ball snagged.
Attendance: 13,396


  1. 333greystreet

    Thanks – always have to be on the look out.

    Try to find an area where you’re not blocked off. An open row or the cross aisle between the lower bleachers and upper bleachers are good spots if you’re trying to catch home runs. If you’re trying to get a toss up from a player, go stand in the front row near the bullpen entrance at the 410 sign. Hanrahan, Meek, and Gallagher are the friendliest pitchers when it comes to tossing up baseballs. If you ask politely when one rolls in that area, they’ll probably hook you up. Center Field and Right Field will be empty on Thursday – you may be able to get a toss up from a Marlins player there, as your competition will be slim. Good luck. See you tomorrow.