7-19-10 PNC Park

The Brewers were in town, which is a good thing.  The Brewers and Reds are my two favorite BP teams, as they put a good deal of balls into the seats.

Also in town was Milwaukee’s top ballhawk, The Happy Youngster.  If you’re not familiar with him, you can read his blog here.  Happy came in third place in the ballhawk league last year with 372 balls.

I had to exchange some tickets for games that I wasn’t going to attend, so I left early for the stadium – I ended up being first in line.

It paid off, because when I ran in, I found two balls laying near the base of the foul pole (picture taken a bit later):
The balls were no less than about a foot from each other.

The first group for the Pirates produced nothing.  They were all lefties except for Andy LaRoche – who rarely if ever hits home runs anymore in BP.

When the Pirates final group came up containing the likes of Jose Tabata, Lastings Milledge, Ronny Cedeno and Neil Walker – I was ready.

I got ball #3 of the day from Cedeno.  It was a high fly ball that landed on the warning track and bounced over the wall.  I was three rows deep and got up on the bleacher. 
Sweet spots:
Game:  8 balls (5 hit, 1 device, 2 found)
Season:  295 balls (156 hit, 67 thrown, 29 device, 43 found)
Games: 46 games
Average:  6.41 balls per game
2010 Game Balls: 3
Career:  873 balls
Streak:  142 consecutive games attended with at least 1 ball snagged.
Attendance: 12,375



  1. rocktober_93

    Hi Jabs – my first time reading your blog. I love PNC. Went to a couple of games against the Phillies last August and caught a game HR ball on the fly from Jimmy Rollins the first night. (1st ever) Second night got a Chase Utley HR ball on a bounce of a kid. I gave the ball to the kid, that ball left a mark! Link to the HR ball from Rollins.


    Is it the Brewers that mark the balls with random thoughts? Is that how they mark BP balls?

    – Norm

  2. 333greystreet

    Happy didn’t knock anyone over. He’s unfairly gotten a bad reputation after that Coghlan thing last year. He’s a good guy and gives many of his snags away.

    The Brewers are the ones that mark their balls. I think its a team bonding thing – as inside jokes/phrases are written on the balls. When snagging, the players read them, and share them with each other before tossing them back in toward the infield. Congrats on the Rollins snag