6-4-10 PNC Park

Storms were forecast for today, so both teams would hit very early.

I got to the park at 3:15, and the Pirates were already in the middle of their BP.

I watched as at least 20 balls landed in the seats.
6-4-2010 (3).JPG
Batting practice wrapped up right before the gates opened, but I decided to go in anyway to look for easter eggs that were passed over by ushers.

When I got into the stadium, the field was completely empty.
6-4-2010 (5).JPG

Game:  2 balls (1 thrown, 1 found)
Season:  166 balls (90 hit, 43 thrown, 11 device, 22 found)
Games: 27 games
Average:  6.15 balls per game
2010 Game Balls: 3
Career:  744 balls
Streak:  123 consecutive games attended with at least 1 ball snagged.
Attendance: 17,817