6-2-2010 PNC Park

Today’s game would get off to a bad start before the gates even opened.

At around 4:15, the skies opened up, and it started to pour.
100_3023.JPGIt washed out BP as the warning track was filled with water.
Game:  5 balls (2 thrown, 3 found)
Season:  164 balls (90 hit, 42 thrown, 11 device, 21 found)
Games: 26 games
Average:  6.31 balls per game
2010 Game Balls: 3
Career:  742 balls
Streak:  122 consecutive games attended with at least 1 ball snagged.
Attendance: *1 (denotes rainout)



  1. bringbackthebaseballbunch

    I enjoyed reading your blog, Erik. You clearly know your way around PNC. I have heard so many great things about the park that we are going to stop there and catch a game later this month while we are traveling; probably when the White Sox are in town.

    I like to come early and let my kids watch batting practice and was wondering what time the gates opened there and if you had any tips for getting good deals on tickects. We would like to sit near one of the dugouts if possible but we aren’t that picky if there is a much better value elsewhere in the park. Any advise would be greatly appreiated!