5-25-2010 Progressive Field

Today would be even more frustrating than yesterday. 

Batting practice wouldn’t even begin until 4:45 PM.  I stood and watched as the Indians took infield.  There was absolutely nothing going on in the outfield.  Pointless.

When batting practice did get under way, there were three balls hit into the right field and center field stands from once batting practice began until 6PM.  Three balls.  That’s both the Indians and White Sox combined!

I luckily got on the board quickly as I asked a ballboy for a ball that he was retrieving in the right field corner.  “Aren’t you here everyday?” He asked.  “Well, not everyday,” I replied.  The ballboy smiled and tossed me ball #1.
In fact this was only my fifth game of the season at Progressive Field.

Not that it mattered since there were three balls hit into the stands, but there were a few groups in attendance, clogging up all of the rows and limiting my range.
Game:  4 balls (1 hit, 1 thrown, 2 found)
Season:  143 balls (86 hit, 32 thrown, 9 device, 16 found)
Games: 22 games
Average:  6.50 balls per game
2010 Game Balls: 3
Career:  721 balls
Streak:  118 consecutive games attended with at least 1 ball snagged.
Attendance: 14,441

Last year after game 22 I had 118 balls, so I’m at least doing better than last year.  However, game 22 for me was on May 15th.