5-23-2010 PNC Park

It was a dreaded Sunday game.  The game last night ended around midnight.  Surely there wouldn’t be batting practice.

Each Sunday, I head down to the stadium and peer through the gates around 11:15 or so.  If the cages are up, I will stay, if not, I just turn around and go home.  No big deal.

I hate Sunday games because there’s always kids everywhere, and there’s always some special event bringing throngs of people.
I was floored when I saw this through the gate Sunday morning:
Game:  5 balls (4 hit, 1 thrown)
Season:  135 balls (83 hit, 29 thrown, 9 device, 14 found)
Games: 20 games
Average:  6.75 balls per game
2010 Game Balls: 3
Career:  713 balls
Streak:  116 consecutive games attended with at least 1 ball snagged.
Attendance:  23,045


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