5-20-2010 PNC Park

My first game of the week didn’t go so well.  I would come away with a decent number of balls, but I felt out of position on many balls and it seemed like there were at least a half dozen balls that I should’ve had that just bounced the wrong way.

Shortly after entering the stadium, I grabbed a ground rule double and was on the board.  Near the end of the Pirates portion of batting practice, Herbie Andrade, the Pirates bullpen catcher, began hitting us pop flies. 

However, he was hitting them backwards as he was facing the field.  It caused for the balls to have a vicious top spin that would carry the balls back toward the field.  One of his hits was a high fly that I camped under.  It should’ve been an extremely easy catch, but I underestimated the spin and completely missed it.  Embarrassing. 

Herbie’s final hit as he was walking off the field fell short of the stands and nestled up against the left field wall, so I glove tricked it for my second ball of the day.

When the Brewers came out, I got Mitch Stetter to toss me my third ball of the day.
5-20-2010 (6).JPG
Stetter looked at me and said something to Marco Estrada, who turned and looked.  I figured that maybe they had seen me changing into Brewers gear under the bleachers.  However, he tossed me that ball I had mentioned a few moments later, so maybe he said, “Hey look, there’s an actual Brewers fan in spite of our 9 game losing streak,” rather than something sarcastic.

At 5:30, I found my fourth ball of the day in the center field stands, and it had a phrase on it.  It said, “Get R Done.”

The Brewers are known to write witty phrases on their balls every now and then.
Annoying, they kept reading them and passing them around to each other to read rather than toss them in the crowd.

I went right back to left field after finding my fourth ball and got a home run that landed in a large trash push cart underneath the Left Field Rotunda.
5-20-2010 (8).JPG
Game:  7 balls (5 hit, 1 thrown, 1 found)
Season:  122 balls (75 hit, 25 thrown, 9 device, 13 found)
Games: 17 games
Average:  7.18 balls per game
2010 Game Balls: 3
Career:  700 balls
Streak:  113 consecutive games attended with at least 1 ball snagged.
Attendance:  13,975