4-30-10 Progressive Field

I decided to attend today’s Twins vs Indians game to try and snag a Twins Target Field commemorative ball.

Surprisingly, I wouldn’t have to wait long at all.  Within 30 seconds of entering the stadium, I found my first ball of the day laying in the bleachers.  Upon later inspecting it, I found out that it was indeed a 2010 Target Field ball. 

Unfortunately, the logo was badly beat up. 
There was no other Easter Eggs to be found. 

Batting practice was rather slow today during the Indians portion, so I attempted to get a few toss ups.  I got Chris Perez to toss me a ball, but some guy reached in front of me and robbed me. 
When I saw the ball stayed in the trees and didn’t bounce out, I was off sprinting to Heritage Park.

Also running towards Heritage Park in front of me were Nick and Bryan Pelescak, as well as some other local Cleveland ballhawk.   

We all got to the area at about the same time.  As I was searching for the ball, I heard a fellow fan saw, “it hit farther down.”  Myself and the local Cleveland ballhawk got to the spot at the same time.  There it was.  Justin Morneau career home run  #168.  The ball was impossible for anyone to get as it was lodged in the base of one of the hemlocks, between three thick branches. 

It didn’t matter though, as I reached in with my stick (collibsible yard stick), poked the ball loose, and grabbed ball #10, and my third game ball of 2010.

The ball didn’t come without controversy, as the other ballhawk was real upset that he wasn’t able to get it.  He wasn’t prepared.  Luckily a cop was ri
ght there, and told me and the other guy that it was mine to get, as I “had something to get it with.”

Of course the other guy was a really sore loser and complained and heckled me the rest of the night.  Apparently he reads this blog and takes exception to me and the fact that I catch a lot of baseballs.    Whatever though.  I dropped it and spent the rest of the game in left field foul territory, and came close on at least three foul balls.
I would finish the game with ten. 

Nick snagged 11, and his brother Bryan 7.  28 between the three of us.
prog 430.jpg
A good night at Progressive
Here are today’s baseballs:  (Morneau HR #168 in foreground)
100_2667.jpgand the sweet spots:
 By the way,  this  is the video of Justin Morneau’s home run in the first inning.

Game:  10 balls (4 hit, 3 thrown, 1 device, 2 found)
Season:  61 balls (38 hit, 10 thrown, 7 device, 6 found)
Games: 9 games
Average:  6.78 balls per game
2010 Game Balls: 3
Career:  639 balls
Streak:  105 consecutive games attended with at least 1 ball snagged.
Attendance:  14,124

2009 through 8 games: 42 (Currently I am 19 balls ahead of last year’s career high season pace)



  1. baseballexperiences

    congrats erik on the homer! I can’t wait to see the twins a few times this year, hopefully they use the comm. do u know if there were alot of them in use? and did they still use last years? whoever the guy commenting before this doesnt know what he’s talking about, hes probably just one of those stupid fans that heckles ballhawks like those ones who threatened zack. he also has terrible english, i cant even read the 2nd post. Joe

  2. malafrsc@muc.edu

    wow…ha…first of all ive been to these games and seen him change his outfits and go down and catch balls that should be kids…he asks players for them…and just so you ‘ballhawk’ would know…the guy hes talking about gave his 3 bp home runs away to kids in the nieghborhoods who never have balls…and for your info baseball experiences…the guy that grey street is talking about gave most of his bp balls away…he could have 1000 plus but only i think he told me over 100…he gives 90 percent away!…he has got 12 game hr and if you see his facebook page apart from football tape you see hime snag hr on tv…if you only knew the other person baseball experiences you wouldnt say that…and i feel bad for grey street if he counts all his balls…keeps his stats…and there are kids who go to games early to get there first…the guy hes talking about lets them call for the ball and catch some…even gives the m to kids at the stadium…i know he had a few kids picked out to get those hr balls yesterday…he was happy that they were…hes bust w football…im sure grey street will see him this week..i know he doesnt like him…but he said if hes a ballhawk and can live with taking balls from kids andd to use ‘devices’ then he cant judge..only god can…hes a good person…and i do know what im talking about…sorry your a ballghawk to and get starstruck joe…if you can live with yourselves and look up to bad role models…thats your fault…im done..said aLL im going to say…the guys a good guy and ive seen the balls he has..and seen em give away balls to kids…hes a good new york kid who is good at football and stays humble…hes always been…always wears mets stuff and see him with a tb bag that his sister gave him he tells me.seen pics of him with carlos pena.thats his fav player…if i dont know lot about baseball then oh well…i know what i see…sorry for the bad news joe..hang out with grey street more and fake role models who get star struck and steal balls from kids…hell be up in cleveland for what he tells me.and in new york when the football season is over bc he has an allstar game and a cfl tryout lined up from what i have seen..if he wanted to…he could be a ball hawk…the guys got 12 game hr in only 3 years!.sold out crowds…hes athletic…good luck all the ballhawks…take care of yourselves…i know thats what you do best and keeping your own stats

  3. padreleigh

    First of all, congratulations Erik on your big snagging day and the gamer. Very nice. Second of all, malafrsc@muc.edu, I can understand that you have a beef with Erik. I think its fine that you want to make your point. Here’s the problem. Dude, you have the worst spelling and grammar I think I have ever seen in my entire life. Your email address is one that belongs to a college or university too. Wow. I think you should just give up now and quit school. It obviously isn’t working out for you. You have totally embarressed yourself. Just stop posting for the sake of all of us.

  4. malafrsc@muc.edu

    ha…well you are right…my grammer is bad…and i do know who he is talking about…he doesnt care…just cause i cant type on a computer doesnt mean anything…ha..you know who i am thats is funny…i wont write on this blog anymore because its rediculous..ha..my friend only saw this because someone brought it up to him…and its a free country…ha i can look at and write on alot of things..im not cursing…but ill let you have your fun so you can look at his blog and look at other peoples who collect balls…and my names not dude…there was something wrong with the comp yesterday and it sent these out about 25 times!sorry about that…well good luck to you…i know the guy doesnt care but know who you insult and what they do…im glad you look up school addresses and think you know them…alot of schools start with m.thats all ill say.thank you padreleigh…i wont give this blog anymore attention…the guy i know said not to say anythin bc of sports and he really doesnt care if people can live like they do and live with it that would be there propblem…ballhawks always back other ballhawks..take care.

  5. stock350

    Nice snags. The players seemed pretty responsive to get baseballs to you after you got robbed after Perez tossed you one. Thats really great. Im sure youve had some players be not so great…so congrats to actually get a second ball from Perez. What a stand up guy.

  6. MLBallhawk

    Congrats on the HR Ball Erik ….. to bad someone didn’t get one on the 29th or we would have had a 4 day streak going but 3 HR by MyGameBalls members in 4 days is pretty cool! As for the jibberish guy I think it might be TC’s (from SD) long lost brother since it always takes about 20 minutes or more to decipher what the hell he is saying!! PadreLeigh and others know what I am talking about!

    Kepp up the good work!